Sustainability: The IPBN is doing its part to go green

The decision to go green isn’t just a catchphrase anymore, it’s a necessity, and leaders in the field can help us learn about how we can make the big changes toward a greener future. Here you'll find stories of hardships and successes so that we may learn to carry the torch forward in our private lives and on in our business dealings and strategies.

The Ireland Portugal Business Network is providing the platform for these game-changers in the political, social, technological, corporate, and academic arenas to shine some light on what it truly means to go green, as is tradition on St. Patrick’s Day. In 2021 Portugal took the Presidency of the EU Council and has been driving green initiatives to the forefront of the international agenda ever since to ensure a sustainable future. The IPBN’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Sustainability Conference was created as a can't-miss event for greener living through eye-opening talks and presentations, socially distanced cultural events, and other member activities focusing on projects and initiatives in building sustainable environments. Here's a snippet of what we learned this year. 


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The IPBN offer to its members a large range of specific services, which we believe help fulfilling our mission, i.e. expanding trade and business between the two countries, whether you are about to:

  • Enter the Portuguese market or vice versa,
  • Develop your existing business in Portugal and/or in Ireland through a set of marketing and promotion expertise
  • Relocate in Portugal
  • Need new skills and talent in order to expand your business
  • Need advice on tax and accountant expertise
  • Need translation and/or interpretation support