Meet the Sponsors of the 2024 IPBN Sustainability Conference!

Aluline and AGREEN's Dedication to Sustainability

The two event sponsors of the upcoming IPBN Sustainability Conference are both certified with the ISO9001:2015 standard. Their commitment to sustainable practices has reached beyond the scope of business to sponsor the event to keep the conversation and ideas flowing on how to achieve a better, brighter, and greener future.

Aluline operates nationwide in Portugal and worldwide in Europe and The Middle East. Over more than 30 years of service, the company specializes in the area of ​​commercial drainage. As a pioneer in the market, Aluline has always strived to surpass itself and to find innovative technological solutions to achieve the best results and offer the best service.

According to Caroline Clark from the company's commercial department, "We currently provide services carrying out unblocking to national and foreign industries, institutions and companies, becoming the ideal partner for maintaining drainage facilities, providing urgent services, treating and managing waste, among others. Taking advantage of the know-how of more than 30 years in the service provision area of ​​our mother company, we created the Aluline brand in Portugal and began our development until today, where we operate in four areas of services: Comprehensive maintenance of facilities, operating from north to south of the country, Urgent services providing services to companies and large commercial chains, the Design and manufacturing supply and installation of Stainless Steel above and below ground grease traps and floor drainage systems, and finally, biotechnology and applications in the shipping, commercial and industrial sectors. 

Aluline has always maintained its commitment to quality as all services are provided by specialized technicians. This search for excellence has placed Aluline as a reference company and market leader. This registered brand guarantees a superior level of quality through its certification of the Quality Management System in accordance with the ISO9001:2015 standard. This certification guarantees that, at Aluline, quality is managed appropriately through understanding customer needs, effective work planning, supplying adequate training, the existence of equipment and information for work processes, the monitoring of processes and products/services provided to customers, and continuous improvement of process management.

Likewise, AGREEN's operating model remains faithful to its initial premises, prioritizing the rigor of engineering, architecture, and technology— the great force behind the company's growth. As the company also knows that today's market is increasingly focused on truly cross-cutting solutions, tailored to each customer's specificity, AGREEN's staff comprises an entire multidimensional and multifaceted team, including highly specialized Managers and Consultants to secure its place as a leader in the sectors of project management, facility management and servicing, and consulting.

AGREEN is aware of its role in society in general as well as its employees. According to the company website, "We have always been guided by a set of principles and good practices that constitute a strong commitment to Society and it was in line with these aims that we decided on June 11, 2018 to subscribe to the BCSD Portugal letter of principles with which we commit to follow a set of principles in the areas of legal compliance and ethical conduct, human rights, labor rights, prevention, health, and safety, the environment, and management. Aware of our responsibilities towards society in general and our customers in particular, we consider it important to carry out the certification of our Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015, which took place in 2018."

Ivo Lemos, Founder and CEO, told the IPBN: " Sustainability is something that has always been present in AGREEN's DNA. When we created the company, it was one of the requirements we defined: Pay attention in our day-to-day work to the different aspects and policies that could make a contribution to Sustainability in its various vectors, and, therefore, to a better future. During this journey of more than 10 years, we have been following our values ​​and making commitments in several areas, such as the Signing of the Charter of Principles of BCSD Portugal (June 2018), the Company Certification according to NP ISO 14001:2015 – Environment (2021), and many other aspects that we incorporate in the provision of our Services".

He added: "When, as members of IPBN, the first edition of the Sustainability conference appeared, our association with the event was naturally immediate as it made the perfect match with our objectives. It was with great commitment and dedication that we participated in them from the very beginning. This year we are here once again assuming the role of sponsors of this important event".

We invite you to read more about the event here where you can also register. Again, the IPBN would like to thank AGREEN and Aluline for their support of the conference and for being valued members of the network. 

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