Executive Partnerships

The IPBN's activities are the right places to make your mark.

The IPBN runs online and in-person network events that help our members stay informed and connected. Through chats with industry leaders, one-on-one introductions, newsletters, videos, interviews, articles, podcasts, and more, we promote member activities, products, and services and create new business opportunities, assist Irish entrances to the Portuguese market (and vice versa), and help government agencies enhance trade links between the two countries. 

But we can't do it all alone. We need your support. 




Our partners help us provide exceptional services and networking opportunities by virtue of their support of the network and its myriad events and communications including: 



  • Members meet Members Networking Events in Lisbon, Porto, the Algarve, and Dublin

  • Online Master Classes
  • Conferences by sector such as Sustainability, Tourism, and Tech and more
  • IPBN Podcast Series
  • Online Panel Discussions with Industry leaders
  • IPBN YouTube Channel & LinkedIn page
  • IPBN Website











Becoming an IPBN Executive Partner means more to your business than just visibility, it shows that you value the support of a large and growing network made up of members from dozens of sectors.

Aside from permanent logos on all our weekly emails and monthly newsletter communications, executive partner logos are featured on invitations to events and conferences, on several high-traffic pages on the IPBN website, and on IPBN rollups at all events.

Your business is also given guest speaker priority at the events best suited to your sector and grants a privileged position at our events. As Executive partner, your feedback is paramount to the smooth running of the network.

Please contact arnold.delville@ireland-portugal.com for all the details about becoming an IPBN Executive Partner.

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Through the IPBN you can find businesses and services that will support your business. Areas such as legal services, company formation or translation are vital start points for a company entering a new market.

Executive Partners