Why Join IPBN?

Build connections within our communities

The IPBN is an active business network comprised of more than 200 Member Companies based in Portugal and Ireland. These companies are from a cross section of industries and professions and represent in excess of 25,000 people.

There are numerous benefits to joining the network, these include:


The most important benefit of being an IPBN member is the support given to you by our other members. Networking isn't just a pop-word to us...it's what we do. Joining us can bring your business to the next level through the valuable support system we have created together. 


Gain immediate access to the influential people in your field and listen in on our chats with leaders in various industries to learn best practices for growing your business. We're here to ensure your success one step at a time.


At the IPBN's recent Porto Conference, Chairperson Geoffrey Graham explained what the IPBN does, how it's run, who's behind it, and the entities whose support makes the network possible. A big thank you to the members who continue to make the IPBN a rich and wonderful network!

If you would like to receive updates from the network, please consider subscribing to our mailing list or contacting the IPBN Manager Arnold Delville at arnold.delville@ireland-portugal.com. 

Likewise, you can stay up to date with the network by following us on LinkedIn

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Participate & Promote

The opportunity for you to participate in variety of different events that help you to meet the people running businesses in the Portuguese or Irish markets, allowing you to promote your business and connect with other businesses to find opportunities to work or develop ideas.

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Tell your business story

The IPBN offers the opportunity to tell the story of your business to an interested audience through events, newsletters and social media channels


find support

Through the IPBN you can find businesses and services that will support your business. Areas such as legal services, company formation or translation are vital start points for a company entering a new market.

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Industry experts

The IPBN holds events which are given by industry experts and leaders, allowing you to learn more about the markets, running businesses in a different country and understanding the marketing, legal, tax and HR issues that may arise.

Activities of the IPBN

Build connections within our communities

The IPBN has two branches – Lisbon and the Algarve with their own committees.

Activities take place in both locations. We are currently planning events in Dublin and Porto.

  • Regular Member meet Member events where members can present on their business and meet other members.
  • Promotion of members profiles, stories and successes on Linked-In and in the monthly Newsletter.
  • Large conference style events aimed at bringing experts from the Irish and Portuguese markets together with smaller Irish and Portuguese companies to discuss developments and innovations.
  • Networking events where a business leader has an in-depth conversation to highlight their experience and share their knowledge and experience with members.
  • Events aimed at assisting companies do business in a new market.
  • Developing relationships between key stakeholders in specific industries to help drive business opportunity.


The IPBN offers the opportunity to tell the story of your business to an interested audience through events, newsletters and social media channels.

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