Mike Rumble, MD, Algarve Solar Pool Heating Solutions“Several networking opportunities and new leads like a valuable introduction to the Algarve University Tech Hub as well as valuable mentions on LinkedIn. There has been fantastic support and encouragement from Arnold and the IPBN team. Thank you and much appreciation!”

Des Wynne, CEO, LazerSpeed“The IPBN membership has been instrumental in our success especially through connecting us to other professionals who have provided us with market insights and guidance on where we needed to invest next. A more recent example of this was a coffee with Brian Shanahan who lives in the Farol area of the Algarve. With Brian’s local insight we have connected a large group of homeowners in that area and added additional areas nearby Farol, such as Paderne and Messines. As a result of this, we have been able to connect with a large group of customers very quickly. Without the IPBN we would not have known about these areas. We have also received a large number of business referrals from other members due to their long tenure in the region which has been excellent.”

Carlos Justino, CMO, MadeinWeb & Mobile: "I had the opportunity to get to know many business owners and with that networking, my company got more buzz and authority in the Tech market."

Bahrat Sharma, CEO, Monsoon Consulting: "Both personally and on behalf of Team Monsoon Consulting, I would like to thank Arnold and the IPBN team for a fantastic 2022. You have been an amazing support to us and I look forward to continuing working with you in 2023.”


The opportunity for you to participate in variety of different events that help you to meet the people running businesses in the Portuguese or Irish markets, allowing you to promote your business and connect with other businesses to find opportunities to work or develop ideas.

Executive Partners