Martinhal Family Hotels & Resorts

Martinhal Family Hotels & Resorts

Martinhal Family Hotels & Resorts

Sara Allen, Real Estate Sales Director

The Martinhal Family Hotels & Resorts was founded in 2010 by Chitra & Roman Stern, Owners and Founders of Martinhal.

Everything about Martinhal is designed with families in mind. From high-class family-friendly accommodation, to restaurants, bars, our baby concierge, kids clubs and leisure activities, Martinhal allows families to spend time together in a five star environment. For unforgettable family holiday memories, look no further than Martinhal.

The Martinhal Family Hotels and Resorts were born from the expansion of the “Martinhal” brand and concept, beyond the Martinhal Sagres Beach Family Resort Hotel. The essence of the Martinhal brand successfully brings together the elements of luxury, family, design and genuine hospitality.

Martinhal Sagres Beach Family Resort, in Sagres is now 5 years'​ old and Martinhal Quinta Family Resort, in Quinta do Lago, is open since June 2015, both in the Algarve.

Already open - Martinhal Cascais Family Hotel & Resort in Cascais and Martinhal Chiado Family Hotel in Lisbon.


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