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Grid Finance

Derek Butler, CEO

GRID was founded in 2013, to support the growth and expansion of small to medium businesses in Ireland. Our team is committed to providing quick access to capital, advice and tools that will help small businesses grow.

GRID's team are spread across its four offices located in Dublin and Limerick (Ireland), Óbidos and Lisbon (Portugal). Our goal is to help at least 10,000 small businesses by our 10th birthday.


Delivery - We do what we say we will do with respect, integrity and transparency. This is the value that drives us.


To help at least 10,000 small businesses with at least 1 solution by our 10th birthday.


To build financially stronger SME’s. This means they are better capitalised, better financed and better financially run. By being financially stronger they are more resilient, more sustainable and better citizens in our society.


To be the largest financial partner to SME’s. This is defined not by the size of our loan book or product portfolio but by how many small businesses we have helped


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