Pedro Barata, Business Development Director

Agreen's operating model remains true to its origins, emphasising the rigour of Engineering, Architecture and Technology. This has been the great force behind Agreen growth, but Agreen also know that today's market is increasingly focused on truly cross-cutting solutions, tailored to each customer's specificity.     

PROJECT MANAGEMENT - The experience of AGREEN and its Technicians has unique projects in its portfolio, including Office buildings, residential, Data Centers, TV Studios, Hotels and infrastructures, in which we provide different services as: Technical Due Diligance, Project Management, Licensing Support, Tender of Construction Work, Construction supervision and Coordination of Health and Safety.

FACILITY MANAGEMENT & SERVICING: This unit manages all the services necessary for the operation and maintenance of buildings throughout the country. Included on de Facilities Management unit, our technical maintenance teams also provide services such as: General Maintenance; Electrical Maintenance; HVAC; air quality analysis; TIM III

CONSULTANCY: AGREEN offers a wide range of services, supported by the knowledge of our technicians with the aim of adding value to real estate assets. As Consultants, we work closely with stakeholders to identify and address the specific needs of real estate assets.

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