Aluline Portugal Lda

Aluline Portugal Lda

Aluline Portugal Lda

Caroline Clark, Director

 Aluline operates nationwide in Portugal and worldwide in Europe and The Middle east. 

Over more than 30 years of work, we have specialized in the area of ​​commercial drainage. As a pioneer in the market, we have always tried to surpass ourselves daily and find innovative technological solutions to achieve the best results and always offer the best service.

We currently provide services carrying out unblocking to national and foreign industries, institutions and companies, becoming the ideal partner for maintaining drainage facilities, providing urgent services, treating and managing waste, among others.

Taking advantage of the know-how of more than 30 years in the service provision area of ​​our mother company, we created the Aluline brand in Portugal and began our development until today, where we operate in four areas of services: 

  • Comprehensive maintenance of facilities, operating from north to south of the country.
  • Works, urgent services providing services to companies and large commercial chains.
  • Design, manufacture supply and install Stainless Steel above and below ground Grease traps and floor drainage systems.
  • Biotechnology and applications in the shipping, commercial and industrial sectors

In all the group's brands, we have always maintained our commitment to quality and all services are provided by specialized technicians. This search for excellence has placed Aluline as a reference company and market leader.

It is no coincidence that the service we provide is directly associated with our brand, which unfortunately means that many companies misuse our name to profit from what we have built with so much effort.

Aluline is a registered brand that guarantees a superior level of quality in its area of ​​activity . The certification of the Quality Management System , in accordance with the ISO9001:2015 standard , guarantees that, at Aluline, quality is managed appropriately, that is: understanding Customer needs, effective work planning, supply adequate training, existence of equipment and information for work processes, monitoring of processes and products/services provided to Customers, for the continuous improvement of process management.

The ISO 9000  family represents the international consensus for the application of good quality management practices. It consists of standards and norms related to the quality of management and support systems.


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