Meet the Panelists: Food and Nutrition

In today's world, the intersection of food, nutrition, and sustainability has become increasingly prominent as we grapple with the challenges of feeding a growing global population while preserving our planet's finite resources. Food and nutrition play a crucial role not only in nourishing our bodies but also in shaping the environmental, social, and economic landscapes of our world. As we strive to build a more sustainable future, it is essential to recognize the profound impact that our food choices and dietary habits have on the health of our planet and its inhabitants. By embracing sustainable food practices, promoting access to nutritious foods, and fostering a deeper understanding of the connections between food and sustainability, we can work towards creating a healthier, more equitable, and environmentally resilient food system for generations to come.

One panel discussion at the IPBN's upcoming St. Patrick's Day Sustainability Conference will be between Manuela Pintado, Associate Professor at School of Biotechnology, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, and Nicola Sainty,  Business Relationship Manager at Revive Active will be moderated by IPBN Porto Chair John Paul Prior, General Manager at Musicmaker Dublin and Co-Founder & Strategy Director at Farmony Europe. His experience in shaping a global network of advanced vertical farms in controlled environments, he will bring the two panelists together for a very interesting conversation about Food, Nutrition, and general Well-Being.

Manuela Pintado graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Porto and received a PhD in Biotechnology from the Portuguese Catholic University. As an Associate Professor at the Higher School of Biotechnology, she works at the interface between Microbiology and Health. She has developed numerous R&D+I projects (with national and international companies and scientific institutions) in the areas of valorization of by-products and waste, production and characterization of bioactive compounds, functional foods, and natural antimicrobials.

She is Director of the CBQF  - Center for Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry (CBQF) Research Center and her research activities are focused on the agro-food and environmental areas and their interfaces with health and well-being.

Nicola Sainty is the Founder of Blood Type Life®. Course director of Health Professional CMA accredited training series, online digital client program author and producer, bespoke clinical consultations. She is also a freelance tutor at The School of Health as well as a Business Mentor for various individuals.

She regularly hosts workshops, webinars, and lends her voice to speaking engagements such as this one, for which she will focus on her experience as a Nutritional Therapist, with special interest in Opus23 genetic analysis, SWAMI (biometrics) and Blood Group Typing. 

We look forward to hearing more from these panelists at the 5th-annual St. Patrick's Day Sustainability Conference at the CCIP in Lisbon on March 19. For more information and to register for the event, please click the link here. 




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