Meet the Panelists: Carbon Zero Objectives

Neil Chadwick and Will Wynn to bring their best to the conference

Is it possible to plant enough trees to soak up all the extra carbon we are putting into the atmosphere? In this Podcast episode from BBC Sounds, they speak with experts to find out how much tree planting and reforestation can do to help combat the climate crisis.

In our Sustainability conference next week, on Tuesday, March 19 in Lisbon, we will discuss how projects like Oxy Carbon can help companies achieve their carbon zero objectives while protecting 1 million hectares of forest and providing the communities that live in these areas with employment, security, health and dignity. IPBN members Neil Chadwick, Director of Global Operations, Oxycarbon UK EUROPE and Will Wynn, Former Mayor of Austin, Texas from 2003-09 who was also a panelist at the IPBN 2020 Sustainability Conference discussing his chilled loop innovations and more will lead the discussion on this important topic.

Neil has a wealth of experience helping to take companies on the pathway to Zero carbon emissions with 30 years of working for and advising major global corporations all over Europe. In 30 years of working for and advising major global corporations all over Europe, Neil has often thought that there must be a better way to do business – to provide great returns for investors, while also providing significant funding for communities in need. Thanks to the OxyCarbon team, over the last three years, he found it. Decades of solution engineering for major corporations, combined with the entrepreneurial skills and European-wide business network of the team mean that we have a high security, high return investment opportunity – that also gives back to the world.

Will is a sought-after professional speaker on matters related to energy policy and efficiencies, sustainability, and urban revitalization and splits his time between Texas and Albufeira, Algarve. Prior to holding public office, Will Wynn had a successful 20-year career in the commercial real estate development industry with projects in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and Austin. Aside from being the former Mayor of Austin, Will also served on the Austin City Council 2000-03. He served nine years on the Board of Directors of Austin Energy, the last six years as Chairman. Austin Energy is the 7th largest public power utility in the U.S. and is now recognized as one of the 'greenest' of all utilities. Wynn also Chaired the US Conference of Mayors Energy Committee from 2004-09, playing a key role in the national discussion regarding energy policy and climate protection. He currently advises a number of governments, utilities and private entities on matters related to sustainability, and urban and economic development.

Don't miss out! Register here to join us next Tuesday, March 19 in Lisbon for the 5th Edition of the IPBN Sustainability conference and help us celebrate St. Patrick's Day in a meaningful way. 

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