Panel one of the IPBN Tech Seminar at a Glance

Eco-Tech cities, Digital Nomads, and more

We’ve all heard the terms “digital nomad,” "disruptor," and "innovator," but what exactly do they mean, and how might they affect business in the future, especially considering new workplace norms? Will there be any legislation for digital nomads and part-time working residents crossing the floor of the parliament or the various regional governments across Portugal? 

The answer is unclear, but there are initiatives in place that are waiting to be considered. Essential Business reports, for example, that in “an initiative from IAPMEI (Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation), entrepreneurs are concerned that Portugal has been falling in the rankings that measure conditions offered by the startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem, and StartUP Portugal wants to invert this trend and raise the numbers.” 

Some of StartUp Portugal’s current programs help procure start-up and tech visas for overseas entrepreneurs, which is certainly a step in the right direction to lure more tech talent to the country. Their allocated €125 million of Recovery & Resilience Programme funding has reportedly been earmarked for startups and the entrepreneurial ecosystem, for which applications will be opened later in 2022.

The IPBN seeks to address this issue and more with the upcoming Tech Seminar in Albufeira, set to be held at Xerem Fusion Cuisine in Albufeira on September 22. The Seminar will hold two panels of speakers with the aim to dive into the growing Tech ecosystem in Portugal, and its attractiveness to both digital nomads and full-time residents working in the sector. Panel moderator Carolyn McKeown is no stranger to the power of technology as part of the IPBN Algarve Committee, the organizer of the first-ever Algarve Business Awards this November, and Director of Shebang Events and PR Management. Her conversation with the panel is sure to answer a lot of questions and shed light on trends that will mark big changes down the line.

Joana Glória IPBN member, tech panelist, and founder of the popular Lagos Digital Nomads platform saw an opportunity in the Digital Nomads market in 2020 to combine her understanding of Tourism with her love of networking. Joana recently shared some opportunities she sees in the market with the IPBN in this spotlight interview and intends to bring her expertise on the future of work in the Algarve and beyond from a tech perspective. As she continues to  build up the Lagos Digital Nomad platform, Joana is promoting her “Workation” project, contacting companies and startups to join in the fun and pave the way for more work-play balance in the Algarve and beyond.

Co-Founder of, Edgard Marcondes, will join the panel to share his expertise in helping startups reach international markets, gained through his work at Invest Global and his diverse tech background. His current project, Ecotech, is a network of eco-tech communities that offer co-living solutions with startup/web3 incubators for digital nomads and international entrepreneurs who want to change the world. More specifically, the sustainable eco-tech communities will be located in places close to large cities, yet close to nature to combine entrepreneurship, innovation, social impact, and quality of life. 

Registration for the IPBN Tech Seminar is open and we look forward to seeing the ways in which this sector will thrive, what we can do to harness incoming talent, and how tech will position business in Portugal and Ireland in the near future. Register today!

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