The IPBN is Constantly Expanding its Service

You asked, we listened!

In order to bring superior service to our members, facilitate connections, and add value to our membership, the IPBN has been working very hard to listen to and fulfill member requests, and to anticipate the things our network will need to grow. The IPBN is perhaps best known for our wealth of networking events and conferences, however, over the last year and a half, we have been focusing more and more of our efforts on providing quality content for our membership with the aim to not only inform but to promote the successes and opportunities that abound within the IPBN community— and by all accounts, it's working. See below at a glance all the new ways the IPBN is seeking to mobilize the network. The IPBN's measure of success is the sum of its parts!


The IPBN posts regular articles that seek to help our members understand what is currently underway around them: from Spotlight articles highlighting select members, to Tech news articles helping us better understand the technological landscape, which is constantly expanding, and on into the area of Sustainability and the Blue Economy, a sector in which many of our members are currently active, and one that is becoming more and more important as we get closer to the 2030 deadline to realize the various climate goals set in place around the globe. Not stopping there, the IPBN has poured its resources into providing top-notch information in the area of Healthcare and Relocating to Portugal, through our conversations with industry experts who are on the front lines. With their help, we have been lucky enough to produce just shy of 150 articles over the last 18 months, a feat that we are truly proud to have achieved.

Membership Directory

It has never been easier to find connections within the network than by using our Membership Directory service. You can search through current members alphabetically, by name in the search box, or by sector so that you can put the network to use when and where you need it most. We offer contacts in tourism and leisure, technology and startups, food and agriculture, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, professional services, and more, so if you have not yet done so, we recommend taking a look at who is new to help your business flourish through quality contacts within the IPBN.  

Weekly Roundup

One of our more recent additions is our very handy Weekly Roundup section, to which we add every Friday. The Weekly Roundup is an overview of member news taken from social media, personal contact, and the media at large that highlights news from the network in a bite-sized format. The roundup gets delivered straight to members' inboxes every Friday morning and is always available for review online on the IPBN website.   

Job Board

As the workforce is constantly in a state of flux, we at the IPBN do our best to promote job vacancies from within the network on our Job Board. As our membership hails from a diverse background of talent, bringing our membership an up-to-date overview of companies that are hiring is important to us so that we might help facilitate employment, and bring quality candidates to companies in need. We do ask that our members keep us notified of any position they need to be filled so that we might add even more value to those who need it most. 

Video Series

The IPBN's youtube channel has grown in size to a whopping 107 videos from our events, conferences, Master Classes, panel discussions, presentations, and more. Now, you can access the most recent of these straight from the IPBN's homepage on our new Video Section. The incredible scope of videos published by the IPBN is a great way to access information from within the network in your spare time. Take a class on anything from SEO Optimisation and Developing your Business to Branding and Marketing Strategies, attend a conference you were unable to schedule in, or simply see what new member companies have to offer. Whatever your motive, the IPBN is pleased to assist you in staying connected. 

Podcast Series 

Lastly, the most recent addition to the IPBN website is our new Podcast series available on both theIPBN homepage and on Spotify. Our two featured podcasts have set the stage for more to come to light in the future, and are a great way to take the IPBN with you on the go. If you have not already tuned in, be sure to check out Aoife Healy's chat with Ireland's Minister of State with responsibility for Public Procurement and eGovernment, Ossian Smyth, TD and Arnold Delville's recent interview with IPBN member Carlos Justino, Director of Marketing for MadeinWeb & Mobile on what the Metaverse means for SMEs.  

We hope our efforts can better assist IPBN members in their drive toward a more prosperous future and are always open to new ideas on how to better serve you. The IPBN considers itself lucky to have an amazing team to lead the way toward fostering meaningful connections and bringing more and more value to our membership as we continue to grow. We would like to thank all our past and current members, staff, chairpersons, and board members who have helped us reach new heights and achieve more than we could have dreamed since our launch in 2016. 

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