The IPBN is Plugged Into the Tech Sector

When it comes to Portugal’s tech scene, Venture Capital valuations have shot up across financing stages in 2020, a trend that will likely persist into the next years considering the overwhelming local growth in the sector. Meanwhile, Ireland is home to established world-leading technology companies that are thriving, an many of them are looking to Portugal as their next hub. Both governments are supporting the growth of tech startups, fostering strong tech ecosystems and entrepreneurs, so the IPBN is following this scene with great interest.

The Ireland Portugal Business Network is providing the platform for technological startups, established businesses, and evolving projects keep our members abreast of what is happening in the sector. To that end, the IPBN’s hosted the virtual 2021 Hiring and Investing in Portugal event in which we spoke to with three key players in the tech field and helped interested parties make sound investments in this hot market by arming them with the most up-to-date information on where the field is, how it is growing, and where it is likely heading. 


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