Meet the Panelists: Aviation

Change is in the air

In an era of heightened environmental awareness and concerns about climate change, the aviation industry faces mounting pressure to address its significant environmental impact. As one of the fastest-growing contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, the aviation sector plays a crucial role in the global effort to mitigate climate change and transition towards a more sustainable future. Sustainable solutions are essential not only for reducing carbon emissions but also for minimizing air and noise pollution, conserving natural resources, and preserving ecosystems. By embracing innovation, investing in renewable energy technologies, and implementing more efficient operational practices, the aviation industry can pave the way for a greener, more environmentally responsible future while ensuring continued growth and connectivity for global travelers. 

To this end, the IPBN has organized an exciting panel discussion on this topic as part of our 2024 Sustainability Conference at the CCIP in Lisbon on Tuesday, March 19. The panelists include Alberto Mota Borges of Faro Airport, Jose Francisco Gamboa of Grupo SATA, and Maria João Calha of TAP Air Portugal. The discussion will be moderated by IPBN Chair Geoffrey Graham.

Alberto Mota Borges is Faro Airport’s Manager & ANA - Aeroportos de Portugal, SA. His long background in Airport planning and management began in 1989 as he took on the operations of Ponta Delgada Airport and ten years later became Head of Planning, Management and Control for the Azores Airports. In 2015 he came to mainland Portugal as the Director of Faro Airport where he remains to this day. The IPBN’s former Chair Aoife Healy held a short interview and Zoom conversation in June, 2020 in which he spoke about how much the the Faro Airport has changed since its origins, as well as measures the airport was taking during COVID. He said “The airport, in the beginning, was a charter operation from the UK, Scandinavia, and so on. After joining the EU, we expanded a lot, and low-cost airlines, since 2005, went from 0 to 79% of our traffic. Things have changed a lot.”

Jose Francisco Gamboa, Sustainability Director, Grupo SATA started his professional life in 1988 as a teacher and in 1994, he joined the banking sector for about 2 years, serving in the Market Room, Technical Office, Front Office, and Credit Section. Subsequently, he had the opportunity to work in the regional cooperative sector, performing functions in the executive management of a Regional Cooperative in the administrative and financial, commercial and cooperative sector. Jose was then invited to join one of the largest Regional Distribution Groups, where he stayed for more than 10 years as General Director and Advisor of the Administration, with direct responsibilities in the Administrative, Financial, Human Resources and Control. In April 2008 Jose was invited to join the SATA Group to act as General Director of the SATA Air Açores Handling Unit and in May 2013, he moved to the commercial area, acting as Product and Customer Director. Since June 2014, Jose has been in charge of the SATA Group's Office of Studies, Innovation and Development. 

Maria João Calha, Sustainability Director of TAP Air Portugal was a speaker at the recent 3rd edition of the Smart and Green Tourism Conference in which she explained her responsibilities as TAP's Sustainability Department. Her team is focused on ESG themes, namely proposing the Strategic Sustainability Framework and ensuring its implementation throughout the company, preparing TAP's Annual Sustainability Report. This report includes environmental KPIs, social and governance issues, management of TAP's carbon offsetting program for different customer segments, and projects related to Sustainable Aviation Fuels and implementation of recycling, reuse, and upcycling processes of materials on board aircraft and in support facilities inland. Maria also defines action priorities, fosters partnerships with social entities, and manages the TAP Donate Miles Solidarity Program.

The IPBN Chair Geoffrey Graham who serves as a Senior Partner at EDGE -International Lawyers is a representative member for Portugal on the European Air Law Association Committee. Geoffrey routinely provides expertise on real estate, international tax planning, and aviation law, and is, therefore, the perfect moderator for this esteemed panel.



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