The Universidade Europeia invites IPBN Members for a Visit

Come for a visit, stay for a degree!

Since the signing of last year’s exciting protocol with IPBN partner and member Universidade Europeia (UE), the host of last year’s IPBN Lisbon-based Tourism Conference in September, both entities have worked together to achieve beneficial outcomes in the name of business and education.

The protocol was intended as a way for us to come together for the purpose of advancing education and fostering connections between SMEs and students who are currently enrolled or have graduated from the institution. And now, this protocol has resulted in another exciting opportunity for the students, the university, and IPBN members. 

As a keynote speaker at the 2022 Tourism Conference, Sofia Almeida, Tourism and Hospitality Coordinator at Universidade Europeia shared insights on how to tackle and create disruption in the hospitality sector. Her expertise on the subject has led the University to begin offering a new degree program in tourism to be taught entirely in English. As such, she has called on her ties with the IPBN and its General Manager, Arnold Delville, for a meeting to discuss the particulars of the program alongside a tour of the campus on November 15th at 14h. The best part is that IPBN members have been invited to attend! 

According to the UE website, this Tourism degree, strongly connected with the business world and recognized by Turismo de Portugal, is focused on the creation, management, and dissemination of knowledge and best practices in tourism and hospitality, opening unprecedented employment opportunities. More than 170 partnerships in the areas of tourism and hospitality provide students with diverse real-world experiences in the tourism industry: Vila Galé, Pestana, Tivoli Hotels, Viagens Abreu, Uniplaces, Museus de Portugal, CCB, Zomato, and Fórum Turismo 2.1, among many other partnerships.

The meeting will commence with a short guided visit of the campus followed by a presentation of the University goals and pedagogical model and more specific strategic goals and objectives of the tourism degree program.

The floor will then be open for attendees to share their insights and recommendations along with any other topics or questions IPBN members may wish to address.

If this visit is of interest to you, please contact Arnold at to reserve a spot.

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