The Weekly Roundup March 7 - 11

Network News and More

This week on the Roundup: pitching in, casting your vote, going green, Portuguese ports, birthday celebrations, going cashless, and insightful talks, videos, and blogs. 

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IPBN member Vitae Professionals needs YOUR VOTE! Vitae Professionals is among the finalists of the fourth edition of The SME Heroes, a project from IPBN member Yunit Consulting that aims to reward small and medium-sized enterprises, their history, and their achievements in the market. Your vote and sharing are very important!

IPBN member aicep Portugal Global Ireland says that Portugal has definitively stopped using coal for power production, nine years before the 2030 deadline. Since 61.7% of the country's electricity comes from renewable sources, Portugal is becoming a green energy location! To know more about the transition to clean energy and much more, come and join us next week on March 17 for the annual IPBN St. Patrick’s day Sustainability conference – Register here!

IPBN member AMCS Group asks, "Are you a recent graduate looking to kickstart your career in a Global Software Development Company in the heart of Limerick?" If so, they are searching for Software Support Engineers to join their expanding team in the Limerick HQ!

IPBN member C-More Beyond the Obvious says there is a first for everything. Exame Portugal is deeply grateful for this incredible opportunity - March Edition! Sharing is caring. We have seen a rising interest and adoption of environmental, social and governmental (ESG) criteria over the last 15 years.

IPBN member Aspire Technology posted that most respondents of the survey they did together with Mobile World Live consider 5G and 4G as most important technologies to be supported by Open RAN, while 3G and 2G are considered to be least important. Aspire's technical expert, Mark Curran, is discussing these findings in this short video. Aspire is also happy to announce that colleagues Igor Tomic and Eoin Bleakley published a paper about conducted research in the area of ML and its application on spectral efficiency prediction. It was accepted by eminent MDPI Advances in ML Journal (Impact Factor 2.4). You can enjoy the reading here.

IPBN member Casas do Sotavento says, "Nothing gives us more peace of mind than the countryside. Today we contemplate peace and serenity." Click on the link here to find out more.

IPBN member Pink Room invites you to join them to celebrate and congratulate IPBN member Pink Room who is turning 4!

IPBN member Craftable Software asks, "Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a DevOps Engineer at Craftable? A member of our team has shared his experience."

IPBN member Goran Engberg posted about Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs, and grown-up SMEs. Goran had updated his online store for coaching and training. Head over and check it out.

IPBN member BRIDGE IN wants you to spread the word: a PT-founded platform is helping Ukrainian refugees find living support worldwide. Whether you are looking for help or willing to offer some, sign up here.

IPBN member Global Shares says that no matter the size of your company, your employees are your biggest asset. They know your business, have been through the tough times, and are willing to work hard for the company to succeed.

IPBN member GRID Finance wants you to check out this blog post by their CEO reflecting on the Ukraine crisis, how GRID is helping in a small way, and how they can best target our help.

IPBN Saltwater Consulting wonders if you are ever scrambling to find a few coins to pay a tip. Strikepay is solving this problem along with a few other innovative payment solutions in our new cashless world. And NEXALUS are helping power-hungry data centers to create energy rather than just consume it. These are just two of 14 Irish tech startups Silicon Republic are recommending we take note of in 2022.

IPBN member PwC Portugal posted that this year, International Women's Day highlights the importance of gender equality in building a more sustainable future. Get to know the perspectives of some of their sustainability professionals and experts to understand what inclusive solutions can be in the fight against climate change. And Claudia Coelho, Partner at PwC Portugal will open our Sustainability conference next Thursday. You can still register here.

IPBN member Viseeon Portugal posted about their Corporate Talks Portugal Porto March 15— The importance of the feasibility of the new projects! How to build a path destined to success by transforming an idea into an investment project? Financing. Security. Incentives

IPBN partner at our Blue Economy conference last year Ruben Eiras says, "The Port of Sines consolidates its position in the 15 largest ports of the European Union. In 2021, the Port of Sines consolidated its position as a national leader in cargo volume, with 1.8 million TEU moved, remaining in the Top 15 of the largest container ports in the European Union, according to Port Economics, where the renowned Theo Notte dedicates an analysis to the European maritime-port market."

IPBN Craftable Software's latest article reflects on the cyclical process of Product Management as Product Discovery is also Delivering.

IPBN member Magdalena Osmola posted that Vale do Lobo is committed to the principles of community spirit. Vale do Lobo is deeply saddened by the current conflict unfolding at our European doorstep, in Ukraine. Vale do Lobo is organizing a donation action (accepting essential items - see list provided), so please help if you can.