Michael O'Dwyer of TireCheck Recounts Successes Since the IPBN 2021 Business Award Win

IPBN member TireCheck has been servicing the transportation sector through the digitalization of tire management on truck and bus fleets with a square focus on logistics and sustainability working together. Under the watchful eye of CEO Michael O'Dwyer, many products have been developed, fine-tuned, and produced over the last year, with the INTIRE sensor system picking up particular steam since 2022 and more and more manufacturers are taking notice.

In short, INTIRE is used to collect data used to inform people when they need to take action while reducing the carbon footprint of each truck using the product, which in turn allows the companies to receive tax credits for complying with regulations on emission levels, so it's no wonder the response has been a positive one, to say the least.

This project, which Michael detailed in his interview with the IPBN following his acceptance speech as the winner of the 2021 IPBN Business Success Award, is still alive and thriving. The project, originally kicked off after lockdown restrictions fell into place, is currently in production and is shipping to customers. And the numbers are growing. "We had to more than double production and increase our capacity," Michael added.

"The demand was heavier than expected," Michael said, "so we have had to commission a nearby manufacturing line to accommodate the quantities ordered." Originally the product was selected to be used in one electric vehicle and now, a second vehicle by the same maker has followed suit. "I can't name names at the moment, but I can say that it is a high-profile electric car manufacturer in the top-end German market. We are currently in testing with the second vehicle, but things are looking good. We are hoping this technology will be an industry standard moving forward." Michael said.

Aside from the success of products in work during the 2021 Business Success Award, TireCheck is busy moving forward to the next stage of business with new products and hires. Michael told the IPBN, "We launched a new product based on AI cameras that work with intel. We are currently putting the product in front of customers in Finland and continuing to expand our products in order to keep up with demand and entice new customers to work with us."

Additionally, TireCheck is expecting to hire employees in Portugal in one month or two. They will be opening an office in Portugal outfitted with an engineering team to help develop new ideas. "It's always better to innovate in new locations," Michael said, "so we are hungry to open somewhere new and Portugal is a great choice for us. We aim to have a physical office in Portugal soon but first, we will start small. The IPBN has been helpful in this regard to keep us connected to Portuguese talent and assist us with sorting out a space for our future growth in the region."

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