The Weekly Roundup November 21 - 25

News from the Network

This week on the roundup: exciting events, Times Square takeover, solar power, Quatar, support measures, job opportunities, dream homes, conciliation, live streaming, solidarity actions, e-commerce, major milestones and more!

But first, don’t miss Enterprise Ireland's CEO Mr. Leo Clancy who will be next Tuesday morning November 29 at 1100 at the Irish Embassy in Lisbon. Leo Clancy will speak on the theme of “Looking Ahead to 2023: Global & Eurozone Export Prospects,” with a Q&A session to follow. You can still register here, where you will find all the details and the exact location.

Also, as a follow-up to our IPBN Tourism conference in September in Lisbon, Rita Marques, Secretary of State for Tourism, Commerce and Services says tourism revenues have already exceeded the same period in 2019 by 14%. In the U.S. market, growth was 48%, which is why they took over Times Square!

And now...

IPBN member Emma Olohan Sarraminda says that Pendulum 2023 is back. She hopes to see you in January!

IPBN member Dr. Catherine Hallahan posted, "Today Times Square was all about Portugal. With the motto 'Close to US,' and the whole of Time Square lit up with Ronald and Visit Portugal billboards."

IPBN member Krystyna Rawicz says India is lining their canals with solar power. "It provides clean energy and stops water evaporation at the same time. This is such an interesting idea! It would be a great approach in drought-stricken Portugal!"

IPBN member C-More|Beyond the Obvious posted about the 2022 World Cup. They remind you to think about it: "In this 2022 World Cup, every time you take a look at the beautiful new stadiums, think about how many lives were lost to build them due to slavery work and miserable living and working conditions."

IPBN partner Start Up Lisboa shared a post about Made of Lisboa and its partners CCA Law Firm, Lisbon Tech Guide and PwC. Lisbon is still the place to be, even after the Web Summit. Three days to know the city, its culture, ecosystem and players at the Launch in Lisbon program!

IPBN member Forbes Algarve Real Estate asked if, as the cold winter months approach, are you dreaming of the sun? They can help you find your dream home in the Algarve.

IPBN partner Tech Ireland asked, "Why join the Tech Ireland community?" You will get to promote your Irish Innovation story and engage with our strong start up and innovation community in Ireland.

You will remember that John O’Dea, CEO of Tech Ireland, was our keynote speaker in September at our event with Algarve TEC campus. See all the details here.

IPBN partner Embassy of Ireland in Portugal is hiring! The Embassy is looking for a full-time Consular and Administrative Officer to join the team. Interested in working with them? The deadline to apply is December 5!

IPBN member Elise Slotte from Wow Guide Algarve says that on the 3rd of December, she will be at the Christmas market in Vale do Lobo, selling her gift cards for private road trips. Pass by if you have the opportunity!

IPBN member Teresa Patricio & Associados says that on the 21 of October 2022, Law No 19/2022 was published, which determines a set of support measures in response to the economic difficulties that are currently taking place in the national territory, following what had already been initiated and which they have reported here.

IPBN member Millimetre Design posted about The Sugar Plum Sweetery: an enchanting confectionery retail space, a wonderful emporium of chocolate, sweets, and delicious treats. This project is a favorite of theirs and a very worthy finalist at the recent Fit Out Awards.

IPBN member Strongstep asked if you want to understand the concepts of conciliation. They said, "How does the np 4552 implementation process work and what measures can be taken in your company? Do not miss our Webinar on December 15."

IPBN member Overcast HQ said that live streaming and video podcasting are two fantastic ways to scale up your enterprise video strategy. "In our latest blog post, we explore how to leverage these tools with ease."

IPBN member Nuno Pinto at Vitae Professionals says the company is now happy to offer an excellent training program for OSCE with online and face-to-face components available. Prepared and supported by a group of experienced nurses: Sandra Marques; Juliana Ferreira, and Silvia Lopes, this program will allow you or your nurses to successfully pass OSCE exam with flying colors!

IPBN member Konceptness posted about a Christmas solidarity action: SOS Children's Villages Portugal. Konceptness will promote a solidarity action aimed at collecting goods of first necessity, between November 25 and December 15.

IPBN member Upwords posted about Black Friday and Christmas. Preparing your e-commerce site for this busy period is essential to your success. The level of competition for Black Friday e-commerce sales is off the charts, which means it pays to start preparing now.

IPBN member Core Optimisation shared their congrats to their Head of Account Management Lisa Coughlan who celebrated 5 years working with Core this month!

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