Sustainability Conference Sponsors Represent the Best of the Network

Meet the companies making it possible

In advance of the 4th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Sustainability Conference at the CCIP in Lisbon on March 17, the IPBN would like to take the opportunity to get to know the businesses sponsoring the event that are making it possible, accessible, rich, and sector-diverse.  

The Konceptness firm, led by Founder and CEO Susan Cabeceiras, who is also an active member of the IPBN Board of Directors, is comprised of a multidisciplinary set of collaborators and specialists in the field of engineering and architecture. While Konceptness takes on the architectural phase of a project, it also guides clients through licensing, fire safety, and more, all in one place, and always with an eye on sustainability, and has been doing so effectively since its founding year of 2009. According to Susan, “We set out early on to be dream makers and the changes and challenges have only helped us to better understand where we want to go. If we contribute to making our customers' dreams come true, with the best solution, this will always be accompanied by our commitment to do so through innovative services to develop projects that allow the creation of a positive impact where people, buildings, and the environment coexist in balance.” 

Konceptness’ almost 15 years of proven experience means the firm can provide creative, real, and practical solutions that are not only visually stunning but have a firm footing in sustainable practices and elements of design meant to lessen a building’s carbon footprint. From architectural, interior, and engineering design to site and project services, consulting services, 3D rendering, and BIM training and execution, this is a one-stop shop to make dreams into a reality. We are thrilled to have their support and also to have Susan as a panel moderator at this year’s conference.

Another conference sponsor is Fifty Shades Greener (FSG), a platform that delivers people- and planet-first business culture through its unique training delivery model. Founder and CEO Raquel Noboa says, “Training is the foundation of all cultural change, and we believe that every organization needs bigger and faster cultural change than ever before if they have any hope of achieving their net zero ambitions. The Green transition means all organizations need up-skilling, re-skilling, and training, and FSG are perfectly positioned to provide a culture-changing curriculum.” To this end, FSG has a global footprint that provides action-based educational programs for carbon emission management from foundation level to degree and has supported over 4,000 students within the last year alone.

When it comes to business, FSG is promoting seizing climate-related opportunities like carbon emissions management and a progressive culture will determine who the winners in the economy will be over the next 25 years and they are here to assist. Essentially, FSG empowers organizations to become resource efficient through their unique training programs, which have been proven to deliver lasting results. The company also aids qualifying organizations in accessing government funding to reduce the financial burden of change for the greater good. We are thrilled to invite Raquel to deliver FSG’s case study on preparing the future talent for the Green Jobs of tomorrow during the conference. 

Last but certainly not least is the final sponsor of the Sustainability Conference, Agreen Full Cycle Building Management represented by Founder and CEO Ivo Lemos, a loyal and active member of the IPBN for several years now. The company’s operating model of engineering, architecture, and technology has remained true to its origins while simultaneously growing with every innovation when it comes to sustainability even while the market has been increasingly more focused on cross-cutting tailored solutions. That’s why Agreen’s core group of Technicians and Engineers work alongside a multidimensional and multifaceted team, which includes highly specialized Managers and Consultants, to deliver the best, most practical, and most green-minded solutions on the market. 

The company also offers a completely customizable range of services, aimed at optimizing asset value through modular strategies, adjusted to the specific context of each project. Clients can choose between project management, facility management, and servicing, and general consultancy depending on the client's needs, as the company will arrange accordingly to best suit their clients. The company’s portfolio includes unique projects like office buildings, residential, data centers, TV studios, and hotels and infrastructures, in which Agreen provides different services such as due diligence, licensing support, tender of construction work, supervision, and more. Meanwhile, the Facility Management and Servicing unit manages all operations and maintenance with their top-notch technical teams. Lastly, as consultants, Agreen works closely with stakeholders to identify and address the specific needs of real estate assets.


We hope you can join us, our sponsors, executive partners, panelists, moderators, special guests, and members at the event. You can check the full program here where you can also register in advance!

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