IPBN Business Success Award Nominees in Healthcare

Lifting up our Members' Successes

The applicants for the IPBN’s Business Success awards came from many different sectors and making the decision to choose one winner was a difficult one for the panel of judges, especially considering the important work that our members in the Healthcare sector have been doing to keep us healthy. The effects of COVID-19, particularly in this area, have forced tough decisions to be made and strong action to be taken, and we owe a debt of gratitude to all in the healthcare field for their tireless efforts. The following IPBN member companies were considered for the network’s third-annual Business Success award:

General Manager Nuno Pinto described Vitae Professionals as more than just a healthcare recruitment service, but a factor in the field that positively impacts us all in our daily lives. He said, "With over 4000 placed professionals, dozens of clients across different countries, Vitae is the top recruiter company in this area in Portugal and growing to become one of the best in the EU." Their services also include dedicated healthcare and language courses that allow professionals to perform better at their jobs whether locally or abroad. The company takes pride in making a difference in the lives of patients and the healthcare system they joined throughout the year. In fact, due to the growing demand for healthcare professionals, the company was able to increase its business with existing markets and gain new ones, significantly in Ireland where they acquired six new clients and agreed on two dedicated and exclusive projects. Well done, Vitae!

Rita Matias, Managing Partner of Serenity Portugal next took the podium to present her company, one which provides health care advocacy, home care, and case management services. Much more than just a healthcare provider, Serenity strives to change lives by finding the best solutions for clients, no matter their health, social and economic condition, or location. Rita said, "Our driving force is passionate about making a difference in people's lives. The impact we create in the lives of their clients and those around them is their measure of success." Serenity recently launched a new and exciting service called PULSO, which offers personalized case management that is affordable, useful, and human-centered in providing professional medical advocacy, guidance, and escort to each client from the moment of the first symptom and until the full resolution of the medical situation. With PULSO, Serenity expects to have a transformative effect on the healthcare market, and we couldn't be prouder to have them as members.

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