Business Success: About the Law, HR, and Marketing/Media Applicants

Meet the applicants

The Ireland Portugal Business Network’s 2023 Business Success Awards highlighted the success stories told by applicants in the areas of innovation, transformational change, sustainability, and employment opportunities. The applicants from the legal, human resources, and marketing sectors had detailed notable successes in their applications, respectively, so the IPBN would like to make the network aware of them!

JGSA Advogados

In 2023 JGSA made a clear commitment to expanding the firm through digital communication and events, increasing the visibility of the brand among existing and potential clients. Communication, and specifically advertising, are highly regulated in this sector, so it has been a challenge both to comply with regulations and to produce effective communication. According to their application, the law firm "developed a strong digital presence, revamping our website, producing regular legal contents for the site and LinkedIn page and sending regular newsletters to a broad Clients’ and Partners’ database. The consistency in content creation has boosted the performance of our site, raising the organic search, which is a very important matter, as advertising is not allowed. Throughout all our communications, we aim to make legal information accessible and bring legal issues closer to people's everyday concerns, relating the law to their “real” problems."

The impact of these initiatives was reflected throughout the year in three main indicators: an increase in turnover, an increase in the new clients’ portfolio of 2023 (85%), and a consolidation of the relationship with clients, to promote client retention. The recognition of the office's expertise in technical areas was also reflected in a few invitations to be guest speakers at sector-specific legal events.

Shane Moran: Architect of Brands

Shane successfully rebranded TireCheck a €20 million turnover company, creating a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace and generating confidence to establish a marketing department, resulting in job creation. The CEO Michael O'Dwyer, an IPBN member, commissioned Shane to lead a rebrand of his company. He told the IPBN, "Along the way of a new visual identity - we also created and designed bespoke high quality 3D renders of the company's range of products. We also interviewed his customers, lead photography of key staff members and locations (photos for the new website), and we also interviewed up to 100 staff members. Quite the feat coinciding, TireCheck operates in four different countries. We also designed the print material for their trade shows to help them win new business."  Shane also joined forces with Bloody Lovely Branding  and overcame challenges of communicating the value of branding to clients unfamiliar with marketing, transforming their perception and instilling pride in their businesses through effective brand strategy and communication. 

These successes have significantly elevated Architect of Brands. Leading the TireCheck rebrand showcased the company's ability to create a competitive edge globally. This achievement, involving 3D renders, customer interviews, and staff photography across four countries, solidified our position for large-scale transformations. Collaborating with Bloody Lovely Branding expanded reach, connecting Shane with global businesses like tourism companies in Saudi Arabia and New York-based brand agencies. This success serves as a catalyst for refining communication strategies and ensuring effective approaches for future clients. 

Tonnie Talent

From its inception, Tonnie Talent embarked on a mission to redefine international hiring. CEO José Bouca said, "Delving deep into the challenges faced by both talents and employers, we developed 'Tonnie'—a groundbreaking solution aimed at transforming international hiring processes. By 2023, we've successfully facilitated the international transition of over 100 talents, seamlessly integrating them into top-tier European companies. But our influence goes beyond mere placements. Since our beginnings, we've enhanced the career paths and aspirations of over 1,000 talents, providing them with invaluable content and mentorship for thriving international careers. Tonnie Talents has seen an exponential rise in engagement and trust. Set for our platform launch this coming January 2024, the anticipation has been palpable, evidenced by the overwhelmingly positive reviews during our exclusive Concierge mode."

Financially, Tonnie Talent has marked a triumphant €1.2M turnover in 2022, celebrating a staggering 3x growth from the previous year. The company's journey, driven by both innovation and results, proves that Tonnie Talents is not only an idea but a reality that resonates in the market. Over the course of the upcoming 36 months (One Thousand days), Tonnie's meticulously crafted roadmap outlines an expansive journey, aiming to propel the organization from a commendable revenue mark of €1.2M in 2022 to an astounding estimated €18M by 2026. This fifteen-fold growth aspiration is not just a testament to our ambition but also a reflection of the potential seen in the global talent mobility landscape. 

Executive Partners