The IPBN Promotes Charitable Giving This Holiday Season

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The IPBN is keen to support people in need during the holidays, as the concept of support is deeply rooted in our DNA as a network. During the pandemic, we partnered with NHR Compassion in order to use our outreach for the greater good, and now, we are in a position to use our voice to ring in the new year with a new charitable campaign. 

To further our goodwill, this season we will be supporting not one but three different local Portuguese charities: Banco Alimentar, Animal Rescue Algarve (courtesy of Vindici Properties' Rebecca Nixon) and SOS Children's Villages Portugal (courtesy of Koncetness' Susan Cabeceiras who is also an IPBN board member).

Banco Alimentar

What is it?: The food bank against hunger is a necessary but provisional response, because "everyone has the right to a standard of living sufficient to ensure health and well-being for him and his family, particularly with regard to food, clothing, housing, medical care and necessary social services" according to Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. That's why Banco Alimentar, over a year's time, collects and distributes several tens of thousands of tons of products and support to distribute ready-made meals and food baskets to people who are in need, with total distribution already covering more than 390,000 people.

How to Get Involved: If you care to make a donation to the organization, you will find the MB Way code here to do so. If you would rather volunteer your time to help feed the hungry, you can easily register here on the Banco Alimentar website and you will be contacted for your availability.

Animal Rescue Algarve

What is it?: According to the charity's website, "Donations of any kind, like food, bowls, collars, leads, blankets, beds, toys, grooming equipment, etceteras are always more than welcome. If however, you wish to donate money, this can be a one-off or perhaps better still a periodic standing order directly into our account. No amount is too small and will be very much appreciated... The cost of running Cabanita is substantial (approximately €30,000 per month) and help of any kind is always deeply appreciated. So far we have cared for, repaired, and rehomed in excess of 800 animals and received not a single Euro from Government or Town Hall."

How to Get Involved: Here, you can find myriad ways to help, from volunteering to sponsoring, to single donations and more. Bank details for transfers and tax credits are well indicated for a quick and easy way to make the holidays bright for these very worthy four-legged friends.

SOS Children's Villages Portugal

What is it?: Konceptness announced its Christmas solidarity action last week. The company wrote, "Christmas is always associated with the celebration of family and solidarity, so this year the Konceptness family, remembering that not all children and young people have a good family reference at home, has joined the SOS Villages that exist to change this reality, contributing so that each child can belong to a family, grow with love, respect, security and be the author of your own history."

How to Get Involved: Konceptness will be collecting goods of first necessity, between November 25 and December 15. Those who want to join this action can do so by delivering the goods to their offices which will later be packed and delivered to the SOS villages in Bicesse. You can find more information here on how to get in touch with Konceptness as well as links to the social media and web addresses of the SOS Village if you would like to offer your support directly. 

If you have a charity that you would like us to promote, please let us know. 

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