• Start: 30th January 2024
    End: 30th January 2024
  • Start: 9:30am
    End: 11:30am
  • Av. da Liberdade 200,

IPBN Business Success Awards 2023

Start Date:

9:30am, 30th January 2024

End Date:

11:30am, 30th January 2024


Embassy of Ireland, Av. da Liberdade 200, 1250-147 Lisboa,


Map: https://maps.app.goo.gl/Er1Us1tENvTvMSR38


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The Business Success Award plays an important role in the IPBN's active dedication to promoting its member companies' success, diversity, and resilience through turbulent economic and political times.

The IPBN is proud to announce the three winners of the 2023 Business Success Awards: Enerview Solutions, re.store®, and BRIDGE IN! This year, special attention was given to candidates who achieved excellence in the area of innovation in light of Lisbon having been elected last November as the 2023 European Capital of Innovation.

The top-ranking scores of the winners were calculated by their innovative solutions, their impact on sustainability and the UN ESG goals, the creation of jobs, and their contributions to trade between Ireland and Portugal.

H.E. Ambassador of Ireland to Portugal, Alma Ní Choigligh presented the award to Enerview Solutions, represented by Denise O'Connor, followed by IPBN Board member Susan Cabeceiras who presented the award to re.store, represented by Sílvia Correia, and lastly, Stefan Goor, of IPBN Executive Partner Ardanis presented Bridge In, represented by Elisa Tarzia with their award.

In attendance were Executive Partners Isabel Vellozo Ferreira and Nuno Simões of Skanstec Engineering, and Media Partner Richard Clingen of The Portugal News.

We would also like to thank the Ambassador for hosting the event and for the excellent lunch that followed at her residence. Those in attendance were representatives from three IPBN Executive Partners, the three winners, and special guests from the Universidade Católica Portuguesa - Centro Regional do Porto (UCP) Maria Manuela Estevez Pintado, Professor at ESB and Director of the Centre for Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry at UCP and João Pinto, Executive Member of UCP & Dean of the Catolica Porto Business School. We were thrilled to engage with all guests in conversation highlighting the synergies between Ireland and Portugal and exciting new partnerships between the two countries.

Thank you again to all our members who participated in the 5th edition of our Business Success Awards and a huge congratulations to all for your amazing work and success! We are already looking forward to the 2024 edition next year. Further thanks to IPBN Chair Geoffrey Graham, IPBN General Manager Arnold Delville, IPBN Board member Mário Gago, and Finn Plekkenpol.

For more information on the winners, check out the article on the IPBN website here

These were the Terms and Conditions to apply for the AWARD:

  • Fill out the form here and submit your entry by no later than Friday, the 19th of January 2024.
  • A sub-committee of The Board of the IPBN will assess all of the applications on their merits. Check further details below.
  • No separate supporting document should be submitted.
  • Please submit the document in English.
  • The competition is open ONLY to members of the network.

Consider the following when applying:

Innovation and Transformation

Recognizes significant and transformative changes implemented within your business, highlighting innovative approaches, processes, or products that have driven substantial positive change.

Impact on Trade & Business Relations

Acknowledges the influence and enhancement of trade and business relations between the two countries due to your initiatives, partnerships, or strategies, fostering stronger economic ties and beneficial collaborations.

Sustainability Initiatives

Evaluates the commitment and effectiveness of sustainability initiatives integrated into your business practices, considering environmental, social, and economic factors that contribute to a more sustainable future.

Employment Practices and Impact

Assesses the impact of your business on employment, examining job creation, workplace practices, and the support provided to employees, reflecting a commitment to fostering growth and development within the workforce.


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