• Start: 30th May 2019
    End: 30th June 2019
  • Start: 6:00pm
    End: 8:00pm
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The Future of the Algarve: Circular Economy & Smart, Sustainable development

Start Date:

6:00pm, 30th May 2019

End Date:

8:00pm, 30th June 2019


Vale d'Oliveiras Quinta Resort & Spa,




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​Imagine an Algarve where everyone, both locals and visitors alike lives happy, healthy lives within the limits of the planet, leaving space for wildlife and wilderness, respecting and learning from local communities, culture and wisdom.

The Algarve like most regions is living as if we have more than one planet. In fact, ecological foot printing shows that if everyone in the world consumed as much as the average person in Algarve, we’d need three planets to support us.

A complete new approach to a circular and sustainable economy is required that can sustain the local community visiting tourists, biodiversity, food, fauna and wildlife, without contributing to global problem.

This also represents a massive business opportunity to redesign the infrastructure, housing, energy, water and food supply and approach to healthcare are wellness that we all want see our children and grand children enjoy.

The UN has designed a framework for this called the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) and at this event we will discuss how the Algarve can respond to these goals. Indeed the opportunity exists for the Algarve to be an exemplar to other regions, how future communities can coexist with nature, and particular vacations destinations that are generally very damaging to the environment and disruptive of local communities.

The key to successful implementation of the SDGs is to collaborate together blending innovation, community engagement and sustainability technologies together.

The IPBN continues to focus on Sustainability in all areas of business development and this event helped promote engagement with the business community around these goals and was the first of many other discussions which will lead to actions in support of these goals. 

Very shortly after the event, the IPBN met with the CCDR to discuss the setup of a road map for the the development of a sustainable local economy in the region with the  ambition of presenting some tangible projects in the region at the next Davos Symposium 2020 where the GSI will be launching its SDG+ strategy.

This was a fantastic opportunity to hear thoughts, ideas and plans from leaders in the field in the Algarve and we thank again the audience for their enthusiastic and very interesting participation.

The conversation was followed by the opportunity of all guests to network with other members of the IPBN and the Algarve business community in the lovely and beautiful terrace by the pool.

The IPBN Algarve Committee would like again to particularly thank MESPIL whose support made this event possible and the Vale d'Oliveiras for the beautiful organisation and surroundings..

MESPIL is an Irish born but globally-bred development and investment real estate company bringing 360-degree service to clients and investors alike. Currently developing property for sale in Portugal’s Algarve and Lisbon with pipeline development secured across mainland Europe. Their vision is to become a European leader in Real Estate Investment Management, bringing Pan-European real estate options through a fully regulated fund to end users whilst creating value and returns for our investment partners.

The IPBN is supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Ireland under the ESP Grant programme.

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