• Start: 6th June 2019
    End: 6th June 2019
  • Start: 6:00pm
    End: 7:30pm
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Finding your USP - Storytelling in Business: The Why and The How

Story: the power to Influence, Persuade and Inspire

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6:00pm, 6th June 2019

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7:30pm, 6th June 2019





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​When was the last time you attended a presentation or sales pitch and came away thinking “I will always recall the fantastic slides they showed” or “I will forever remember all the data they told me about their industry”? The answer is most probably very rarely to never. 

However, if there is a presentation or pitch that stuck with you, even years later, you will very likely remember a story they told and the speaker who told it. You remember how they made you feel. 

In his passionate talk, Mark explained why story for business works and how you can go about discovering your USP:

Uncovering the compelling and relatable story of you or your company.
Structuring your story into a clear, dynamic and memorable presentation or pitch.
Presenting it with the confidence and clarity to move and inspire your audience.

Even if you believe you are not a natural storyteller, even if you think that the data or information driven nature of your business does not lend itself to storytelling, Mark showcased you can distil the humanity driven facts to uncover the compelling underlying narrative of you or your company’s people, products or services and their impact on the world.

The IPBN would like again to thank very much IPBN member Mark for this very inspiring talk, the audience for its presence and participation as well as Start Up Lisboa for the excellent venue..

Mark Downey is a leadership communication coach and the owner of Speech and Presence. He is passionate about story in all its aspects from the creation of to the telling and receiving of story. His curiosity about this topic drove him from aspiring psychologist striving to understand the why of the stories we tell ourselves to professional theatre practitioner needing to clearly understand how to tell stories to others.

Speech and Presence is the expression of his distilled knowledge and experience. He now helps develop and support business leaders to lead with authority and humanity, to connect with empathy and authenticity, to communicate with confidence and clarity and to influence and inspire when it matters most, both internally and externally. He guides company founders and innovators to uncover, structure and pitch the story of their business idea to the world. 

With a client base that stretches from the UAE to the North America he trains and coaches in-person and remotely. Among the companies whose leaders have benefited from his work are Google, Samsung, EDF, Siemens, CPL Resources, Altify, Coca Cola, NBC Universal, EUIPO, EPO, PwC, KPMG, AIB and many others.

The IPBN is supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Ireland under the ESP Grant programme.

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