Temperature Scanners from HORAN AUTOMATION & CONSULTING

Many public-health experts expect that temperature-scanning systems will become the norm in everyday life across the world.

The Irish government document ‘Return to Work Safely Protocol’ published on 8 May 2020 outlines methods of COVID-19 prevention and control measures and states that employers must “implement temperature testing in line with public health advice and the World Health Organisation has said to “check the body temperature of employees daily so that employees with fever don’t come into work”.

In the weeks to come, we may see these scanners used not only at airport, but also throughout workplaces and where else where numerous people gather en masse.

With this in view, IPBN member Horan Automation and Robotics are now providing walkthrough temperature scanners to their customers, in order to reduce the risk of the virus spreading within workplaces upon returning to work. When entering premises where Horan’s Temperature Scanners are used, people can check their body temperature by walking through the machine, which uses infrared body temperature monitoring, allowing for a non-contact detection of somebody’s temperature.

In times where allowing people to return to work safely and ensuring containment of the spread of the virus are most pivotal, companies altering their business model to provide products such as Horan Automation and Robotics are doing is vitally important.

For more information on the temperature scanners or any of Horan Automation and Robotics’ offerings, please contact directly sales@horan.ie or +353 52 915 2208

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