Sustainability Conference Case Studies

Further Input from the Experts

As we get closer to the IPBN St. Patrick''s Day Sustainability Conference on Friday, March 17, we would like to take the time to highlight the IPBN members who have agreed to share their business stories as part of our Case Studies presentations. These speakers will detail important issues within the realm of sustainability including clean hydrogen and solar energy, heating, and responsible living solutions. Speakers Eduardo Pereira, Co-founder and CEO ClearEnergy PT, Mike Rumble, Managing Director of Algarve Solar Pool Heating Solutions, and Florijn de Graaf, Founder of SmartHoods are set to take the stage to further explain the aspects of their business, outline investment potential, and more. 

ClearEnergy is dedicated to the commercialization and implementation of technologies for sustainable energy storage as a solution to the intermittent production of non-invasive renewable energy: sun, wind, and tides — namely hydrogen and its synthetic derivatives. The company is committed to helping transition to greener technologies through its various services like analyzing energy profiles, implementing ecological and energy-efficient systems, performing technical-economic feasibility studies, designing HVAC, and issuing buildings' energy performance certificates. In a recent dossier entitled: TRANSFORMING OUR WORLD SDGs AND BUSINESS, Eduardo Pereira said, "Due to the current climate urgency and energy dependency and following the excellent momentum of the hydrogen literacy training program developed by the Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre in partnership with AIP, we...consider it essential to incorporate educational products for hydrogen literacy into our portfolio as catalysts in the development of critical mass and value chain for rapid energy transition." We very much look forward to hearing what solutions Eduardo has in store for us at the conference. 

When it comes to sustainable pool heating solutions, Mike Rumble, Managing Director of Algarve Solar Pool Heating Solutions has a lot of experience he will be sharing with the network. The company offers a range of solar pool heating and thermal swimming pool cover options to suit every need and prevent heat loss, evaporation, and chemical consumption. With the company's help pool owners can massively extend their swimming season and increase their property value and rentability. The solutions offered have a once-off installation cost, no moving parts, no chance of blockages, zero to minimal maintenance, and are all completely silent and sustainable. The hybrid solution, for one, provides two energies from one solar panel: Photovoltaic on the front and thermal on the back so, essentially, while your swimming pool is warming up, your pool water is also keeping your solar panels cool, resulting in better performance in photovoltaic power generation. Clearly, Mike is swimming in fantastic ideas and we look forward to learning more.

Lastly, we will hear from Florijn de Graaf of SmartHoods, a company that helps to develop modern eco-villages that can produce their own energy, food, and water. The company's goal is to create self-sufficient neighborhoods that are sustainable and resilient by offering innovative solutions for pioneering projects and striving to create the most livable and resilient neighborhoods possible. Currently involved in different project developments throughout Europe, of which the Netherlands and Portugal are the biggest represented markets, the company is busy at work with communities like ElleVille to create a new way of sustainable living. You can also read more about Florijn's research on sustainable energy systems in the following study entitled New strategies for Smart Integrated Decentralized Energy Systems. The goal of this study was to investigate the feasibility of SIDE systems to contribute to the resilience, flexibility, and circularity of power system infrastructures so that 2030 renewable energy targets can be met. He writes, "The decentralization of production and consumption of renewable energy allows for interesting new business cases that force us to rethink the way we structure, design, and control our energy system. The line between producers and consumers of energy is blurring, as more and more people take matters into their own hands and form energy cooperatives that produce and distribute their own renewable energy." 

We eagerly anticipate a fantastic Sustainability Conference this year and we are certain, with the case studies of the above IPBN members, we will inevitably take away key ideas and practical applications that we can use both personally and professionally toward a greener future. If not already done, there is still time to register and join us Friday, March 17 at the conference by clicking here.


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