Rural Properties

Rural Properties

Rural Properties

Paul Rees, Director

Rural Properties buys, renovates and sells a range of town, village and countryside properties in Portugal's beautiful inland regions. 

This profitable activity enables the Company to offer a fixed interest rate, or interest plus profit-share, on loans provided by individual and corporate investors.

The business and operational structure has been developed by Paul Rees who currently oversees operations, supports the construction manager and is the key decision maker for property selection, based on his knowledge of area, renovation costs and resale potential.

Paul’s passion for rural Portugal’s property remains the driving force behind this business. His wide network of contacts in this sector and his noted negotiating skills combine with a flair for design and a 20-year background in the building and renovation processes in Portugal.

With a degree in marketing and two decades in business development and fundraising in the UK, Paul moved to Portugal in 2002 and successfully has invested in media and property projects, including new-build and renovations. Paul co-founded this rural property business in 2019.

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