Spotlight on Michael Stock of the Quinta dos Vales Wine Estate

Partner of the IPBN Algarve Living Series

Thirteen years ago, Bavarian national Karl Stock bought some land in Portugal with the aim to make the best Algarvian wine on the market. According to his son Michael, IPBN Member and partner of the Algarve Living series event, he made this decision after scouring the globe from Argentina to South Africa, looking for the area most hospitable to wine production, quality of life, and above all, potential for growth. Stock added, “In those days, there weren’t too many great brands producing great wines in the region. It has since taken a huge step forward, producing some of the best wines on the market, though it will take a little more time for the rest of the world to catch on.” But they didn’t stop there.

Now Stock’s family winery, the Quinta dos Vales is offering much more than the nectar of the gods, they are offering you the experience of creating your own vintage. The Winemaker’s Experience, as it is called, is an opportunity for the average Joe to find out what it’s like to tweak the process of making wines in order to invent a bespoke bottle (or case, or vat…). “We couldn’t find anything comparable on the market,” Stock says. “We are helping people take their dreams of making wine and turning it into a reality.”

When asked how the process works, Stock says, “We start with renting out a vineyard and getting the client involved anywhere from three to six months before the harvest.” And that’s where the winemaking magic begins. The resident winemaker explains the next steps in the process so that the layman can understand, process, and act upon their gut intuition, or the recommendation of the expert as the case may be. Sort of like a multiple choice, but with teeth. “I tell people to either make a decision or ask me more questions.” Stock says. “We have people who have completed their third harvest and their questions get less frequent but substantially more detailed.”

Additionally, the family has expanded into the real estate sector with their project featuring 18 high-quality green villas and 32 additional apartments that are still under construction set in a gated garden community called Carvoeiro Gardens.These open-plan fully winterized homes are energy efficient and set for luxurious short-term or long-term rentals and are within walking distance of the beach and a fabulous assortment of restaurants. The plans range from three to five bedrooms and are meticulously crafted to deliver superior comfort in a bright and modern setting.

Depending on how things progress in 2021, we’d say it is a good bet to consider renting a spot there. The beach, great food, fine wine, and excellent conditions to work from home and treat your family sound like the best way to make the most out of a rather unfortunate reality. And, you can walk away with a bottle of wine that you created. Now that’s what we call a win-win.

Hear more about the Quinta dos Vales, Carvoeiro Gardens, and the Winemaking Experience at the upcoming Algarve event series where Michael will be giving an expert presentation on his family’s story of doing business in the Algarve at some of our webinars.The IPBN had the priviledge to orhanise one of our evets at their beautiful resort. Watch the video here

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