Quinta dos Vales Wine Estate

Quinta dos Vales Wine Estate

Quinta dos Vales Wine Estate

Michael Stock, Director

Quinta dos Vales Wine Estate is situated in the heart of the Western Algarve. Although coming from humble beginnings, this 44-hectare estate is now considered one of the best wineries in southern Portugal, with recognition from international organisations and visitors coming from far and wide.

Wine and art are two elements that often go hand in hand, and nowhere more than here, where stunning sculptures pair perfectly with the award-winning wines. In the various garden locations visitors can find an exhibition of well over a hundred art pieces in different styles, materials and sizes. This symbiosis creates a perfect setting for any type of event, be it a private executive meeting or something as personal as a wedding celebration.

Quinta dos Vales’ latest, and most exciting, project is called The Winemaker Experience. The aim of which is to turn wine-lovers into wine-makers, each with their privately owned vineyard. During the 2020 harvest they already had 7 vineyards in private production, and for the 2021 harvest the Quinta dos Vales team is prepared to turn a further 20 wine-lovers into genuine winemakers.

What they offer is to guide participants through the full wine-production process, offering participants their winery and consultancy, but encouraging the private-winemakers to take each and every crucial decision.

Here's a quote regarding the project from Karl Heinz Stock, founder and owner of Quinta dos Vales:

"Many people dream of making their own wine, but few appreciate how challenging this process really is. This is why I launched this project, to guide these dreamers and let them learn from my experiences. 15 years ago I was in the same situation, a man with a dream. My team and I have learned an incredible amount during this time, and now we want to help others in turning their dreams into reality."

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