Establishing H.Q. in the Algarve Means Mixing Business with Pleasure

While Lisbon and Porto bustle with business and Braga bustles with industry, the Algarve is often overlooked as it is best known for its appeal to strictly touristic pursuits, but that’s beginning to change. The southernmost coast of the country offers unique resources as a home base for business opportunities as the landscape is as prime for business as it is for sightseeing.

The Algarve still has a great deal of untapped potential as it is recognized for its laid-back approach to life and its beautiful surroundings, however, a lot is going on behind the scenes when it comes to business especially in the areas of healthcare, wellbeing, senior living, technology and renewable energy. 

The Algarve offers miles of beautiful coastline, iconic vistas, the comfort of community, and lots of room for innovation in many sectors. That’s why while some expats plan on retiring or moving for a change of scenery, others are moving to the Algarve to set up businesses amidst natural beauty. Digital nomads are also choosing the Algarve as home base for longer periods of time as it is becoming known as a burgeoning tech hub. 

Whether you are thinking of relocating to work or enjoying your retirement, there are a lot of choices to be made, and a lot of bureaucratic wheels that should start turning in advance of your move. Joining IPBN’s network of members and businesses who have made the move is a step in the right direction in terms of finding meaningful support in almost any sector but most importantly healthcare, financial security, education, real estate, registrations, taxation, and perhaps most importantly, quality of life.

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