IPBN Webinar Friday April 17 2020 - Ana Sepulveda, IPBN Member & President of Age Friendly Portugal

Aging 2.0 - Promoting the Longevity Economy development: Tech base projects to support sustainable and positive ageing.

Ana presented the Aging 2.0 network, whose mission is to accelerate innovation in aging and longevity, by supporting innovators tackling the Aging2.0 grand challenges with an integrated set of global and local programs. The goal is to transform society by building a global network of healthy, sustainable communities that help people adapt and thrive in a rapidly aging word.

The webinar was very interesting, either from the point of view of debating ideas, attracting volunteers for the network, as, and mainly, to promote innovation in areas as strategic as real estate, housing concepts and architecture. Another of the themes we touched was the sustainability of society in terms of pensions, retirement and savings. Here are the next chapters, no doubt.