Brian Shanahan

Founder & CEO of Informita and Plésona

Brian Shanahan is the leader and founder of both Informita and Plésona. Informita assists multinationals in the areas of working capital and procurement.

Informita has worked with clients across the globe to unlock hidden cash in their balance sheets and create sustained procurement savings. Informita also runs, a service that allows you to compare customer and supplier payment terms with other companies’ actual terms with data from more than 190 countries.

Plésona helps smaller companies from startup to maturity ensuring they are on a sound financial footing and have experienced management advice as they progress through the stages of growth. In the media,

Brian has been quoted many times in the financial press such as the Financial Times, CNBC Europe and other trade magazines such as The Treasurer. Brian is the author of five booklets on working capital management, procurement and change management that can be purchased at