The Weekly Roundup October 24 - 28

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This week on the roundup: milestones, rebranding, nominations, mentions in the Times, smart cities, tile production, event participation, forums, evaluations, motivation, video content, digital nomads, visa stipulations, PT2030, launches, sustainability, and more!

And now...

IPBN member Derek Butler from GRID Finance reached a significant milestone at GRID recently by passing the €1 Billion mark in card payments and funding €65 Million in lending. Congratulations!

IPBN member Susanna Tocca posted that since its creation in 2017, Excelencia de Portugal, a soft brand for boutique and luxury hotels and resorts in Portugal, has had a new website and a new image since September!

IPBN member AGREEN is delighted to announce that they have been chosen by the prestigious law firm PLMJ to maintain its offices nationwide.

IPBN Member Ombria resort is proud to see the Ombria Resort and their new real estate phase, Oriole Village, mentioned in The Times in an article about buying property in the Algarve and its long-term rental market.

IPBN member Jose Nunes from Sleeklab says more than being part of the production of this clip on Coimbra as a Smartcitiy of the future, he is very proud of the city that despite the enormous challenges it faces. It is trying to modernize in various sectors such as mobility and sustainability in the use of its resources.

IPBN member Millimetre Design posted a fabulous trip with the Tubs & Tiles team visiting tile production facilities and showrooms in Italy, seeing some wonderful new tiles, and learning all about their technical details.

IPBN member Hilary O’Shea from Otonomee sent a thank you to Newstalk and Emmet Oliver for featuring Aidan O'Shea and herself in The Executive Chair today. "Great to share the Otonomee story, why we founded the Company and what it’s like to work together."

IPBN member Teresa Patricio said, "It was a pleasure and an honor to participate in this event! I invite you to read this very interesting book that teaches us a lot to fight for women to have the place they deserve in society. All thanks to Dr. Lucia Ataíde!!!"

IPBN member Magdalena Osmola from Vale do Lobo posted about last week at the Resort & Residential Hospitality Forum (R&R) hosted in Vilamoura. She said, "What a great event, unique in its leisure residential and hospitality investment theme. I'm delighted with our community cpirit session— a tricky one focusing on the often overlooked 'S' part of the ESGs."

IPBN member Pink Room is kicking off Lisbon's Blockchain Month at Protocol Labs plsummit with Juan Benet. Let them know if you are around.

From IPBN member StrongStep is aware of the importance of evaluating internal processes in a company and the lack of time or knowledge to do so, they decided to complement their portfolio of services with a free preliminary analysis of your business. Make your diagnostic request now.

And you can review here the conversation Pedro Castro Henriques, CEO of StrongStep, had online this week with Professor Pedro A. Vieira from the Porto Business School.

IPBN member Sharon Dehmel posted about Accelerate2lead focused on motivation, which is the first and most crucial element of developing intercultural competencies.

IPBN member Overcast HQ is Going To DPP London and Video Content is Skyrocketing.

IPBN member Joana Gloria at Lagos Digital Nomads said, "Digital Nomads Talks & Networking is back! This Saturday, October 29th at 10:30 a.m. Fellyph Cintra - 'Front-End Developer' and 'Google Developer Expert' will give a workshop at The Collab with SEO tips and also share with you what's new for 2023!"

IPBN Partner Invest Porto says that the Portuguese visa law for digital nomads comes into force on 30 October and will allow those who want to work remotely from Portugal to stay in the country for one year.

And don’t miss the IPBN's next event on November 11 at the Porto Innovation Hub in Porto in partnership with Invest Porto with a keynote speaker from Landing Jobs. See all the details here where you can already register.

IPBN member HPA Health Group invited you to join their experts on October 29th. At the end of this month Rosa, the Mama Unit of Alvor and Gambelas Hospitals of the HPA Health Group have prepared this very special action. Breast cancer. Informing, treating, and supporting is our focus for better knowledge and more prevention

IPBN member Ageas Seguros posted that last Friday, at the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI) Inaugural Responsible Capitalism Summit, their CEO Hans De Cuyper took to the stage to talk about Ageas’s sustainability journey and more specifically the road to Net Zero.

IPBN member Yunit Consulting posted about PT2030: "My application has been approved. What's next?" Read the article and check out the 10 Best Practices that should be taken into account at this stage.

IPBN partner aicep Portugal Global Ireland says that Portugal matches business potential with safety and high life quality.

IPBN patterner Start-Up Lisboa promoted the next edition of Launch in Lisbon, Startup Lisboa‘s exploration program for foreign entrepreneurs, companies, or investors looking to set up life and business in Lisbon. It is scheduled for November 8 to 10.

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