The Weekly Roundup October 23 - 27

News from our Members

This week on the roundup: degree opportunities, technology, workshops, studies, viticulture, leadership summits, videos, audit closures, market slowdowns, visiting entrepreneurs, AI, pregnancies, ESGs, Christmas dinners, solutions, guest speakers, and more!

But first...

IPBN Partner Universidade Europeia's Tourism and Hospitality Coordinator Sofia Almeida has announced the university's new English-language degree program in Tourism and Hospitality and has invited IPBN and its General Manager, Arnold Delville, for a meeting to discuss the particulars of the program alongside a tour of the campus on November 15th at 14h. The best part is that IPBN members have been invited to attend! Read more about this exciting opportunity here! If you want to join Arnold, please email

And now...

IPBN member Lee Bristow posted, "In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, it's essential to gather experts, visionaries, friends, and generally, people who are just fascinating to chat with. We recently hosted a panel discussion titled 'Digital Transformation and Smart Manufacturing in Scotland.' The insights and discussions were nothing short of enlightening!"

IPBN member Sam Marchetti said it was great to be in Limerick with Rethink Ireland presenting a workshop on Financial Innovation to both upcoming and existing social enterprises from across the country.

IPBN member Carolina Almeida Cruz shared, "This study examined the investors’ most important criteria for selecting and impact investment, with 60% identifying having an impact, which is easily measured and understood as most important, followed by the investment’s impact on issues important to the investors’ ESG approach at 55%, and having an impact beneficial to stakeholders at 52%."

IPBN Partner Luis Reis from aicep posted that this week, 40 Irish professionals had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge about Portugal wines. Under the subtitle ‘Discover the richness of Portuguese wines’, Bento Amaral presentation explored Portugal's unique grape varieties, character, and the diversity of the Portuguese wine styles, from Azores, Vinho Verde, Dão, Alentejo, Bairrada, Douro, Madeira, and Porto.

IPBN member Sharon Dehmel shared a bit about the leadership summit Portugal, tagging Estoril Casino. "It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, the challenges facing leaders today are so similar."

IPBN member Shane Moran invited you to have a look at this lovely little video which goes through some of the bits we worked on to deliver a brand reflecting the people behind the business.

IPBN member Strongstep said another successful step has been completed! "We are proud to announce the closure of the ISO 27001 audit at Efacec. Congratulations to everyone involved!"

IPBN member PropHome shared IMF Reports: 20% Overvaluation of Housing Prices in Portugal Despite Market Slowdown. Key factors include the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical conflicts, driving up housing prices due to supply constraints and inflation.

IPBN member Invest Lisboa was at the World Trade Centre in Lisbon to welcome a group of entrepreneurs from the Netherlands who came to see our city and Lisbon‘s potential as a focus for business creation and major investments.

IPBN Executive Partner Ardanis posted about Disruptive Technology. What will this revolution bring? "Advancements that have changed human life, all these technologies are disruptive. AI, some might say is the holy grail of inventions. AI is an invention, which may itself create other inventions. It is already disrupting industries and has the potential to disrupt many others."

IPBN member HPA Group posted, "It was a full Saturday! On October 21st, the largest event in the country in the Algarve was held, dedicated to pregnancy. The 5th Pregnant Symposium was a success. As the HPA Health Group, namely its unit in Gambelas - Faro, is the private hospital group in the Algarve with unique services in the region, such as General and Paediatric Urgent Care, Maternity, and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, we had to support this action."

IPBN member C-More wants to explain everything! "Triple play involves profitable growth and ESG priorities. In other words, it's a powerful strategy for driving a company's expansion. This approach effectively integrates growth, profitability, and social and environmental responsibility into all of the company's operations. Have you heard about it?"

IPBN member Quinta dos Vales wants you to schedule your Christmas dinner at Quinta dos Vales now! Learn more here.

IPBN member BRIDGE IN invites you to get ready for the gaming event of autumn: @DevGAMM. Lisbon 2023, November 16-17!

IPBN member Tojal at Mobiweb just attended a talk by Uri Levine titled "Fall in Love with the Problem, Not the Solution." This was an insights-rich talk that got him thinking of how we can get lost in our solution and forget about what is the initial problem we were trying to solve, amidst other thoughts.

IPBN member Carlos Justino posted, "Great event, loving Share Algarve! Amazing speakers and topics."

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