The Weekly Roundup June 3 - 7

Network News and More

This week on the roundup: alliances, webinars, services, decisions, experiences, AI, sponsorships, investments, benefits, speakers, action plans, circuits, health, leadership, journeys, segmentation, investment, support, and more!

IPBN member Nessa Maguire says, "EudaOrg is excited to announce the kick-off of the European Chips Diversity Alliance in ESCP Business School in Berlin in April. EudaOrg is one of 11 partners from 6 European countries. The European Chips Diversity Alliance (ECDA) is a consortium co-funded by the European Union and coordinated by SEMI Europe. The alliance will enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the European semiconductor sector by building bridges from industry to the world of education. The Alliance will lower the barriers to enhance participation in the sector from under-represented groups by providing data, operational tools, case studies, training, and programs to improve workplace diversity and inclusion. You can learn more about the alliance here with a website coming soon."

IPBN member Carlos Justino is thrilled to invite you to the upcoming LinkedIn Live webinar, "The Data Imperative" on 11th June 2024 from 8:30 AM to 9:15 AM. Discover how data-driven decision-making can give your business a competitive edge. And you can learn more about it in the recent interview we had with Carlos, who will be the moderator of our second panel at the Dublin conference. June 20.

IPBN member Breakfastaway Catering Service says that throughout Greater Lisbon, they offer a catering service that not only satisfies the palate but also elevates the image of your brand, company, or institution.

IPBN member Tony Redondo posted that "Uncertainty over interest rate policy decisions by the foremost central banks around the globe. Navigating 2024's Global Complexity."

IPBN member Reserva da Luz is excited to announce the opening of its new Reserva Sales and Service center. "Starting today, you can visit us and experience the breathtaking panoramic views across the project."

IPBN member askblue says "As part of World Children's Day, which was celebrated last Saturday, we would like to present the work of our employees' children, organized around the motto “What is Artificial Intelligence?”. Thanks to all the artists and AI specialists who sent in their drawings."

IPBN member Salmon Software Consulting is excited to share that they are sponsoring GTExchange 2024! "Can't wait to meet you all and dive into discussions on the latest treasury trends and great networking opportunities ahead!"

IPBN member Overcast HQ is thrilled to announce that Overcast HQ has secured €1.2 million in funding. "This investment will fuel our efforts to pioneer new advancements in video content management and drive the industry forward. Discover more about our vision and upcoming innovations."

IPBN member Blevins Franks posted, "If you have existing NHR status in Portugal, act now while you still receive those benefits to improve your post-NHR tax position greatly. Learn more and find out how Blevins Franks can help you."

One of guest speakers at the conference in Braga and new partner IPCA announced the SAP Research Challenge in Artificial Intelligence 2AI – 2nd edition 15–19 July 2024 - Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave. Are you ready to spend a week in Portugal this summer on an extraordinary artificial intelligence research trip? APPLY BY 16 JUNE

IPBN member EDGE International Lawyers posted that on June 3rd 2024, Portugal’s new government has unveiled its Migrations’ Action Plan (“Plano de Ação Para as Migrações”) which delineates a total of 41 measures.

IPBN member Golf Concept GC says, "Tradition and avant-garde at the start of the Audi quattro Cup Audi Portugal circuit."

IPBN member Elaine Godley posted that no appointment is necessary! "Every Monday we host a drop in natural health surgery - please register at the end of my article to receive the log in details."

IPBN member Raquel Pinto is cultivating advanced leadership qualities. "Ready to take your leadership to the next level? Elevating your leadership game is crucial not only for personal development but also for making significant career leaps into higher management roles."

IPBN member Indresh S Yadav shared, "The official finale on our 'Enter the Eurozone Programme' with Enterprise Ireland, ESMT Berlin & IMS Marketing. A fantastic program from start to finish. It was a privilege to be on the journey with ambitious Irish companies with tremendous capabilities to expand business across Europe and beyond."

IPBN member Brian Shanahan published his June Newsletter on Generative AI: The latest marketing buzzwords. Reality or fiction? E-Auctions: Good tool, but homework still required. Zero Overdues: Is it possible? Customer Segmentation. Tariffs are coming back. Country Profile: Andorra. Reverse factoring: Not always the magic bullet.

IPBN member Ana Damasio was at the Beaumont Hotel in Mayfair, London this week, speaking at Grand Talks with Chair of the IPBN Geoffrey Graham about Investing in the Algarve Lifestyle.

IPBN member Rita Cardoso & Associados asked, "Thinking of moving to Portugal? Big changes, big responsibilities. Make it simple and efficient by planning your move with the support of an expert. How can we help you?"

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