The Weekly Roundup June 24 - 28

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This week on the roundup: feedback, partnerships, podcasts, internships, courses, ventures, automation, presentations, mentorships, vibrance, employees, insurance, jobs, growth, achievements, startups, challenges, guarantees, mediations, and more!

But first...

Here's a special job offer: IPBN member Otonomee Opens 50 Remote Roles Across Portugal. To help spread the word, Grow Remote is teaming up again with Otonomee for an online career event on July 10th at 12:00 PM Lisbon time via Zoom. It’s a great chance for people here in Portugal to learn more about Otonomee and the roles they have available. You can register here where you will learn about the event and the job opportunities.

And check out these bits of feedback from members, guest speakers, and delegates at our Dublin conference last week June 20 at the Guinness Enterprise Centre!

IPBN Board Member and Guest speaker/moderator Rachael Milne, IPBN Member Paulo Sousa, the Gunness Enterprise Centre where the conference was held, IPBN member and guest speakers/moderator at the conference, Carlos Justino, and IPBN Executive Partner and Guest Speaker at the conference, Stefan Goor. You can also read posts from Sofia Almeida, IPBN Academic partner and guest speaker at the conference, and Yvonne Reddin, PR Manager and delegate at the conference who helped us promote the conference in Dublin.


Check out the details of a new bilateral academic and research partnership between the School of Engineering of the Universidade do Minho and the Technological University of Dublin (TUD)— The fruit of our Braga Conference in May.

And now...

IPBN Executive Partner Vellozo Ferreira Advogados – In anticipation of its Dublin conference, the Ireland Portugal Business Network talked to Paula Costa about the labor issues that must be taken into account by companies and individuals who want to set up in Portugal. You can listen to it here in our new Podcast.

IPBN Executive Partner Konceptness, under the ERASMUS + program, received interns Vicent and Mylene, two talented young people who came to enrich our team with their freshness and enthusiasm. During the period from May 27th to June 21st, we had the opportunity to share technical knowledge with these French students, who stood out for their dedication and willingness to learn.

IPBN member WEbrand Academy shared that "WEbrand Agency's digital academy, will launch a new course in July. Create an effective Landing Page for Selling Products and Services. Agenda: July 2nd, 4th, 9th and 11th | 6pm to 10pm - Duration: 16h - Launch Price: €198 (VAT included). In this course, participants will learn how to structure and build an effective Landing Page by developing a real project in WordPress and Elementor Pro. Trainees will be offered an Elementor Pro license for their project; A .PT domain of your choice, for 1 year; SSL Certificate, for the same period; and Web hosting for 3 months."

IPBN member Sam Marchetti said, "Over the weekend we debuted our newest venture in collaboration with OceanicJiujitsu at BualadhBass Music & Arts Festival in Cork. Our Event Stewardship services provided a safe space for staff, attendees and our hosts to enjoy a weekend of ElectronicMusic, Art and Culture."

IPBN member Glandore Welcomes Intapp to Arthur Place. "For more than a decade, Intapp has been bringing the power of automation and intelligence to professional and financial services firms. We are delighted to welcome the team to our Belfast Offices."

IPBN member MobiWeb asked, "Does presenting make you feel uneasy? Do you feel your heart racing during pitches? You're not alone. We know public speaking can be scary, so we asked our Sara Cosme to help! If you follow her tips, you'll turn those nerves into confidence in no time.

IPBN Academic Partner Sofia Almeida from the Universidade Europeia Lisboa shared, "This week we recorded another episode of the podcast 'Nós, Voz' which aims to celebrate 60 years of teaching in Tourism in Universidade Europeia. It was a pleasure to talk with Dr. Carlos Moura, President of AHRESP - Associação da Hotelaria, Restauração e Similares de Portugal. A journey through the history of hotels and restaurants in Portugal."

IPBN member Raquel Pinto posted about Mentorship: Your Launchpad to Career Excellence. "Seeking Direction? Let Mentorship Be Your Guide! Embarking on the professional journey can often feel like wandering through uncharted terrain. But fear not! Mentorship is the compass that steers you toward accelerated career growth, offering insights, guidance, and fresh perspectives crucial for your development."

IPBN member AMARNA Vida shared about their exciting visit to IPBN member Glandore Serviced Offices! "Last Friday, Liliana Domingues had the wonderful opportunity to join fellow IPBN members Arnold Delville, Sofia Almeida, Pedro Teixeira, Miguel Reynolds Brandão, Paulo Pereira, and Magda Silva for a visit to Glandore Serviced Offices, located in the heart of Dublin 2. Glandore Serviced Offices offers a fantastic workspace nestled in the vibrant business and tech hubs of Dublin, Belfast, and Cork. Liliana was especially impressed by the glamorous, warm, and cozy environment, perfectly suited for productive work and networking."

IPBN member Allan Boyle is in London this week spending time with Utility Warehouse. He wrote, "We’re looking to hire for an exciting new role leading their Workplace Technology strategy. If any of my networks have strong HRIS and leadership experience and wants to help shape UW’s employee experience as they scale well beyond their one million customers, then please get in touch!"

IPBN member Joao Marques Seguros asked, "Did you know that business insurance solutions have numerous benefits, both tax and social? And what advantages do they represent for employees? Today we clear all the doubts!"

IPBN member AGREEN shared about another job done in UTAP from a Data Centre!

IPBN Member Global Shares wants you to manage your cap table in one simple, secure place. "Business growth is the goal. But it can lead to a complicated cap table. Our cloud-based solution puts all that data in one place, so you and your investors can access up-to-date, accurate information."

IPBN member askblue believes that sport and physical activity, combined with the well-being of each person, makes us better co-workers, better professionals. "Knowing that achievements can happen, the result of preparation and resilience!"

IPBN member Eterna International was delighted to announce a client's most recent successes under the Canadian Start-up Visa Program. "This is a massive win for 05 incredibly talented Vietnamese entrepreneurs who received venture capital funding for their motion sensory technology start-up," says Pierre-Marc Lecompte, CEO & Founder at Eterna International.

IPBN member KRA Renewables invites you to meet Yuga Patil Yugandhar who joined KRA Renewables as a Graduate Renewable Energy Engineer. "He has fast become our resident EMP specialist, as well as being a competent and experienced Wind Energy Engineer. He has worked on challenges concerning sustainable cities and industrial innovation in Vietnam!"

IPBN member Vicky Rodrigues says, "On 6th June 2024, the Supreme Administrative Court (STA) handed down a ruling acknowledging the proceedings of summons for the protection of rights, freedoms, and guarantees as an appropriate court proceeding to protect the rights of foreigners seeking a residence permit in Portugal, given the inertia on the part of the public authorities in issuing a decision."

IPBN member Dawn Horizon Limited said "Thanks again to Garry Tiscovschi for your insights and knowledge-sharing during the writing and publication of the 'Human AI Alliance - Meditations for Leaders'." Booking details for the Book Launch can be found here.

IPBN member Lee Bristow posted a couple of quick announcements; The 'Human AI Alliance—Meditations for Leaders' book launch event is today, on the 27th, at 6 p.m. at Dogpatch Labs. I hope to see you there! Secondly, the episode by the Intelligent Performance Podcast team, Ep. 67 - is now out and can be found here.

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