The Weekly Roundup: June 17 - 21

News from our Members

This week on the roundup: digital marketing, wine awards, leaders, strategies, series, pioneers, employee engagement, expansion, insights, luxury, achievements, licensing, procedures, collaboration, feedback, networking, and more!

But first...

This week, we had a fantastic conference in Dublin. Thank you again to the Guinness Enterprise Centre for a fantastic venue and organization, all our guest speakers, sponsors, Executive Partners, and all the delegates who joined us. You will find the first pictures here. We will be sharing the different panel conversations over the next few days.

And now...

IPBN member Core Optimisation was delighted to share this insightful article by their CEO and Digital Business Ireland Chairperson, Caroline Dunlea, on elevating digital marketing through AI: "Discover how AI tools such as analytical insights, chatbots, SEO, and content creation can revolutionize your marketing strategy and drive growth. A must-read for anyone looking to stay ahead in the digital landscape!"

IPBN member Quinta dos Vales shared their exciting results in the DIALOG Alicante Bouschet 2018: The Best Wine of the Algarve!

IPBN member Salmon Software Limited was thrilled to share that three of their esteemed clients—AviLease, ORIX Aviation, and Avolon—have been recognized among the best aircraft leasing companies. "These leaders have been honored with top spots in the AFJ Leasing Top 50 Accolades 2024 by the prestigious Airfinance Journal, which evaluates data across over 150 lessors worldwide."

IPBN member AMARNA Vida posted about Sustainability in 2024: Key Trends to Watch. "Sustainability is now a core aspect of corporate strategy worldwide. With 92% of consumers trusting eco-conscious brands, staying ahead with the latest trends is crucial. Here are the leading business sustainability trends for 2024 and beyond."

And join us online on Thursday, July 4 at 1000 for the second part of our Master Class series with Liliana. Find out all about it there where you can register.

IPBN member Techies Go Green invites you to join their next free webinar on Thursday, 27th June 2024 at 10:30am where speakers Aidan Connolly, CEO at Idiro Analytics the pioneers in AI and analytics, and Francis O'Haire O’Haire, Group Technology Director, DataSolutions Distribution, will discuss how AI can help (and hinder) decarbonization efforts across your business operations.

IPBN member bp2w An Even Better Place to Work shared about Employee Engagement: The Key to Success! "Did you know that engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their companies? Investing in employee engagement not only boosts productivity but also fosters loyalty and reduces turnover. Let us create a workplace where everyone feels valued and motivated!"

IPBN member BRIDGE IN posted about expanding business into Europe! "Why should I hire a team in Portugal instead of other countries? If you don't believe a social media post, then listen to the words of our CEO Pedro Henriques and book a call today."

IPBN member Derek Butler said, "It is just over a month now since our inaugural Fintech Summit. I share below some insights from the Minister for Finance who addressed the event. The GRID Foundation aims to build a better financial system in Ireland and we are proud now to have launched both the awards and the summit to bring all the stakeholders invested in building a better financial system together."

IPBN member Green Rebel was in Manchester this week for Renewable UK's Global Offshore Wind.

IPBN Partner aicep Portugal Global asked, "Did you know Portugal boasts the world's second-highest national average shoe price at €27.7 per pair, just behind Italy? Portugal's footwear sector aims to challenge Italy in the luxury market. 'We are focused on elevating product quality to meet higher standards,' shares Paulo Gonçalves of APICCAPS."

IPBN member Quinta do Lago/The Campus was honored to support James Golding in his epic journey through the Race Across America. James Golding, an ultra-cyclist, aims to complete and win the RAAM in just 8 to 9 days this June – a remarkable achievement no Briton has yet accomplished in such a short time, and one that only 300 athletes worldwide have conquered.

IPBN member Teresa Patricio & Associados shared: "On January 8th 2024, Decree-Law No. 10/2024, known as Simplex Urbanístico was published. This legislation brought important alterations to the urban licensing process and the horizontal property regime in Portugal, aiming to simplify procedures and increase housing availability for the general population. Find out about the alterations to the Horizontal Property regime in our newsletter this week."

IPBN member Career Training Internships' Founder & Director Kathy O'Dwyer is representing CTI at the 12th Annual Global Internship Conference in London this week! We are excited to connect and collaborate with industry innovators and leaders.

IPBN member Emma Olohan is proud to deliver the Minding Creative Minds Creative Careers Summit at Radisson Blu. With over 230+ attendees, the event was energetic, and positive with aging feedback from attendees on how much they enjoyed the bustling program.

IPBN member Monsoon Consulting finished up a great day of talks and networking with the who's who of the Magento world today at Meet Magento UK 2024. "A big thank you to our hosts JH for putting together this excellent event!"

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