• Start: 4th July 2024
    End: 4th July 2024
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    End: 11:00am
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IPBN Masterclass Series Serving Beyond Sustainability - Part 2

Start Date:

10:00am, 4th July 2024

End Date:

11:00am, 4th July 2024


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Serving Beyond Sustainability: Navigating the Path to Conscious and Regenerative Organisations

In today's rapidly changing world, sustainability alone may not be enough to address the complex challenges facing businesses and society. This 3-part masterclass series with IPBN member Liliana Domingues from Amarna Vida delves into the concept of serving beyond sustainability and exploring how organisations can embrace the principles and practices of conscious and regenerative organisations to create meaningful impact and leave a positive legacy in the world. See below the dates!

Masterclass 1 - Redefining Sustainability: From Compliance to Conscious Leadership

Via Zoom Tuesday 28th May 2024 from 1000 - 1100

This session challenged traditional notions of sustainability and explored the importance of business leaders embodying conscious leadership. Participants learnt how to shift from a compliance-based approach to sustainability to one rooted in purpose, ethics, and holistic impact.

Topics included:

  • Critique of Compliance-Based Sustainability Models
  • Introduction to Conscious Leadership
  • Values, Purpose, and Authenticity in Conscious Leadership
  • Organisational Purpose and Transformation
  • Ethics, Holistic Impact, and Conscious Leadership   

You can find in this Podcast the recording of this firist session.

Masterclass 2 - Building Thriving Organisations: Integrating Ethical and Regenerative Practices into Strategy and Operations

Join us  4th July 2024 - 1000 - 1100 - The Zoom link will be sent the day before ther Master Class

This session focuses on practical strategies for integrating conscious and regenerative business practices into organisational strategy and operations. Participants will learn how to align beyond sustainability goals with business objectives, identify key drivers of business performance, and overcome common barriers to implementation.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to Ethical and Regenerative Business Principles and Practices and their contribution to organisational thriving
  • Aligning Strategy with Purpose, Values and Regenerative Business Models
  • Integration into Day-to-Day Operations
  • Measuring Ethical and Regenerative Impact
  • Cultivating Ethical Organisational Culture

REGISTER TODAY - The Class is open to IPBN members and non members and is free of charge and will last 1 hour including Q&A.

Masterclass 3:- Leaving a Positive Legacy: Creating Shared Value and Positive Impact

SAVE THE DATE - 26th September 2024 - 1000 - 1100

In this final session, participants will explore how organisations can go beyond sustainability to create shared value and impact for all stakeholders. Participants will gain insights into how to leverage their organisation's resources, expertise, and influence to address pressing societal and environmental challenges while driving business success.

Topics include:

  • Understanding Shared Value Creation
  • Integrating Shared Values Principles
  • Engaging Stakeholders in Driving Shared Value Initiatives
  • Embedding Shared Values Principles
  • Long-Term Sustainability and Legacy-Building


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