The Weekly Roundup February 5 - 9

News from the Network

This week on the roundup: grand talks, hiring, joining forces, operations, atypical webinars, segmentation, data, multitasking, survivors, challenges, transformations, innovations, popularity, launches, improvements, strength, workflows, website building, recognition, events, and more!

But first...

Here's a special message from IPBN member Wyndham Grant Hotel to our members in Ireland. "Dear members, The Grand Talks concept was developed to discuss lifestyle, hospitality, and investment matters in Portugal. Our very first Grand Talks will introduce participants to the lifestyle that is associated with an investment in the Algarve. The event will be kickstarting in Cork on the 21st of February followed by Dublin on the 22nd, where our speakers will bring their insights and expertise." Find out all the details here where you can confirm your presence.


Here's some news regarding Portugal 2030: Applications are now open for the Hiring of Highly Qualified Human Resources (HQHR) by (micro, small, and medium-sized) companies in the Algarve. The human resources to be hired must have an academic degree with a qualification level equal to or greater than 6 (bachelors, masters, doctorates, or post-doctorates) as a way of acquiring critical mass and supporting the development of processes that promote business innovation. Co-financing rate is 50% non-refundable, non-repayable funding, for 36 months. Check all the details here.

And now...

IPBN Executive Partner Skanstec Engineering shared that H&MV Engineering and Skanstec Engineering will be joining forces!

IPBN Executive Partner Ardanis posted about Private and Secure AI Solutions That Unlock Business Value in Your Finance and Customer Operations. Find out more here.

IPBN member Carlos Justino invites you to discover how to create a cold email machine that can send up to 30,000 emails per month whilst keeping bounce rates under 0.3%, in line with new regulations. "Aim for open rates over 75%, ideally reaching 90%. Start with initial reply rates at 3%, grow them to 5% after 60 days, and reach a 10% success rate when you've fine-tuned your campaign."

IPBN member and Business Award Winner of 2023 BRIDGE IN asks that you join their next AMA (Ask Me Anything) Session: How to Set Up a Tech Hub in Portugal. February 28th, at 3:00 PM Lisbon time. "The session is not a typical webinar: no long presentations or panel discussions; we will, instead, have 2 experts - Pedro Henriques, CEO at BRIDGE IN, and Joshua Taylor, Founder at AFI Network, answering questions from the audience, live." Register here!

IPBN member Martinez Echevarria & Ferreira Advogados posted about new luxury tourism in Portugal. "Tourism in Portugal continues to rise and foreigners continue to arrive at Portuguese airports every day. We are facing a new 'luxury segment,' which includes citizens of that country who are visiting Portugal for the first time."

IPBN member John MacGoey shared, “If knowledge is power, data is knowledge.” Some very valuable insights here: the reality is that every company is in the knowledge business, and every worker is becoming a knowledge worker. No company can have an AI or business strategy without having a data strategy. Without good, clean data that is easily accessible across the business, it will be impossible to generate business, operational, and AI value. Data, data, data … time to get it cleaned up and structured for the future.

IPBN member Sharon Dehmel demystified multitasking: The Illusion of Simultaneity. Contrary to popular belief, true multitasking—simultaneously handling several tasks—is a myth.

IPBN member HPA Group posted, "This week was World Cancer Day, let's unite with strength and hope. To all the survivors who have bravely faced cancer and those who are currently fighting – we are here."

IPBN member WEbrand Agency asked if you were curious about the challenges and Legal Perspectives that the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence can bring to copyright.

IPBN member Brian Shanahan invites you to transform your back office processes at no extra cost.

IPBN member Lazer celebrated 36 Years of Innovation and Excellence! Check their video here.

IPBN member Hilton Foods supported a student project in January with Lincoln Careers and Employability to evaluate technologies to reduce emissions. "We wanted to expand our understanding of the interventions possible in our supply chain to reduce methane emissions in cattle and sheep, enhancing the development of our scope 3 transition plan."

IPBN member Nessa Sheehy shared that Madeira and the Algarve are gaining popularity among Germans and others!

IPBN member KRA Visionary Project Partners's team attended the launch of an extraordinary publication of the "Improving Energy Efficiency in Traditional Buildings" guidance document that promises to shape the future of retrofitting and assisting in regenerating historic buildings.

IPBN member AGREEN shared another improvement action carried out in HVAC System Pumps.

IPBN member JGSA - Jardim Gonçalves & Associados has strengthened its team with a partnership agreement with Dr. Paulo Mendes dos Santos, who will join the firm as counsel in the specialized areas of Criminal and Administrative Law and Family and Succession Law.

IPBN member Philippe Brodeur shared that the second edition of cloud video workflows from Streaming Media Magazine has been published. "It features Overcast HQ - because we are one of the 10 companies showcased by MovieLabs for our architecture and workflows."

IPBN member Henrique Paranhos asked, "What do you think about building or revising your company's website based on a very practical training? It starts on the 21st of Feb. 'Create a WordPress Website from Scratch'."

IPBN member thanked Guimaraes Marca, who recognized their Business Success Awards 2023. "A mention awarded by the IPBN Association – Ireland Portugal Business Network – which had innovation, sustainability, resilience, and the ability to generate employment in its selection criteria."

IPBN member Career Training Internships Founder & Director Kathy O'Dwyer attended the Small Firms Association Business Connect event as a guest of Network Ireland Cork at the beautiful Killashee Hotel.

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