The Weekly Roundup August 22 - 26

News from the Network - Back at last!

Welcome back to the Roundup! This week: the future of the workforce, ESG integration, guest speakers, mergers and acquisitions, following up, new podcasts, BIM-Revit training cycles, standing out, sustainability, artificial intelligence, the power of technology, software development, real estate, special offers, craft beer, and higher education!

And now...

IPBN member Rachael Milne from Aspira posted that recently, Rachael Milne has been researching where their future workforce will be based!

IPBN member C-More| Beyond the obvious asked, "Why integrate ESG into company valuation? It can generate competitive financial returns and a positive social impact. Through C-MORE's SaaS platform, every organization can measure, assess, understand and predict its ESG maturity’s performance. In other words, ESGMaturity will let you know your organization's environmental, Social, and Governance performance maturity level. Are you ready?"

Also, "The UN Sustainable Development Goals Report 2022" was made public a few weeks ago and shows signs of progress for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Lastly, Carolina, Founder and CEO of C-More Beyond the obvious will be at our Tech seminar Sep 22 in the Algarve where she will be talking more about ESG. Don’t miss it. You can already register here

IPBN member Aisling Riordan said that it was wonderful to celebrate a momentous day with all her colleagues as Global Shares officially became part of J.P. Morgan. "A day we will always remember, reflecting on the extraordinary journey we've shared together, and looking ahead to the exciting new beginning ahead of us."

IPBN member Jo James says that if you are wondering whether you're hassling people by following up again, you might not be right. Only 50% of people follow up once, 25% follow up twice and only 12% follow up three times. So, if you follow up again YOU will stand out from the crowd. Jo touched on that at our event in July. See details here.

IPBN member Gerard Smith shared podcast he did with Pat Flynn - Digital Onboarding for Telco / Fintech which will explain who he is and the businesses he is involved in.

IPBN member Konceptness is thrilled to announce that next October they will start their BIM - Revit Architecture 1 Training Cycle taught by Arq. Joaquim Matos Danado on the three-dimensional parametric modeling tool for architecture used to centralize an entire project in a single model.

And here Konceptness is proud to remind you of one of their projects in 2018: André Opticas on Rua Serpa Pinto in Lisbon! With hand-made details combined to create a true work of art, we were proud to have offered additional services in city licensing and advertising for this retail project. See it for yourself!

IPBN member KRA Portugal says that the City of Braga has officially launched the Braga Corporate Mobility Pact which was developed by the WBCSD – World Business Council for Sustainable Development's Global Network Partner. The pact seeks to address the issues outlined in the Sustainability Report in 2019, which showed that 65% of Braga’s total emissions originated from urban mobility.

IPBN member BRIDGE IN posted about AI. Determining how artificial intelligence is used and governed will be one of the century’s key discussions.

IPBN member Carlos Justino from MadeinWeb and Mobile wonders how to choose the best software development company. How will you know that the software development company you’re hiring is the best?

And read Carlos's new article which explores how you can harness the power of technology to stay ahead of the game. Carlos will also be one of the guest speakers at our Tech seminar in the Algarve on September 22, where you can already register here.

IPBN member Sharon Dehmel says that startups and scaleups are very different organizations. Founder roles change. Individual contributors move into leadership roles for the first time. Hustle culture is replaced with more formalized systems and processes. Join Allan and Sharon for an 'after work' discussion on developing leaders in scale-ups.

IPBN member Agnieszka Kijonka posted a listing for a masterpiece with absolute privacy, 8 bedroom suites,11 bathrooms, SPA, cine lounge, children's playground, games room, state-of-the-art wine cellar, and a garage for multiple #cars equipped with electric bikes. Vilamoura, nearby the Marina and all golf courses.

IPBN member Allan Boyle said the speed at which startups can innovate and ideate has long been observed and implemented by corporates. But the lessons shouldn’t go one way. There are a lot of startups that can learn from large corporations too.

IPBN member Core Optimisation is truly proud of the significant growth they have experienced in the last year and are looking forward to exciting times to come as continue to grow the business domestically and internationally.

IPBN member Emma Olohan posted that it was brilliant to see this promotion for Longevity Summit Dublin, for life sciences and longevity economy in Ireland. She said, "I hope we can get IDA Ireland to do a follow-up at the conference."

IPBN member Goran Engberg and Kristina Wojnicki is offering their lovely apartment at Pestana Gramacho Golf Resort in Algarve during the whole month of September, since they're extending their stay in Sweden. "Please find more information on the link and contact our agent. Thank you very much!"

IPBN member Forbes Algarve real estate os delighted to share this stunning 4-bedroom modern suite villa, located in the prestigious gated enclave of Vila Sol.

IPBN member Beacon Global Wealth posted that property is a topic they deal with regularly with their clients. "For many it’s more than a home, it’s an investment. Here is some interesting analysis from one of our strategic partners, LGT Vestra about how various markets across Europe compare at the moment."

IPBN member Rebecca Nixon says thank you to our client RD for this wonderful testimonial: we do truly care about our clients’ needs and will do our best to go above and beyond every time. Read the full testimonial here.

IPBN member FAmazing is one of the Media Partners of the long-awaited craft beer festival, Brew Coimbra! September 9th, 10th, and 11th. Go and join the fun!

IPBN partner UAlg posted that following the high demand, the University of Algarve will increase by 4.9% the number of vacancies for the National Competition for Access to Higher Education, with a reinforcement of 75 more vacancies.

IPBN member John McCoy shared to his real estate friends in Portugal that he has proudly accepted an invite from Anne at the Brightman Group to join her as guest speaker at her upcoming MeetUp. Join us in Estoril on September 7th for an insight into how we plan on helping you be part of this new era for the industry!

And construction works in IPBN member Vilamoura Parque are proceeding at an excellent pace. This gated community three steps from Vilamoura Marina will consist of 30 2-bedroom villas and 10 3-bedroom villas, with a private pool and garden, in an exclusive, calm, and harmonious environment.

Lastly, we are pleased to announce, that IPBN member the Arlo Group UK has been shortlisted in two categories for this year’s prestigious International Investment awards. Please Vote for them and share with your friends and colleagues! Click the following links to vote for Excellence in Advisory Best Practice AND Excellence in Client Service!