The Weekly Roundup April 11 - 14

Network News Leading up to Easter

This week on the Roundup: Easter markets in the Algarve, next IT event, GAA games, hard-hitting questions, investment tips, new training provider accredited, Portugal investors, quality solutions, successful partnerships, elegant solutions, and more! Happy Easter from the IPBN.

We highly recommend checking out the IPBN JOB BOARD with new and exciting opportunities posted daily from within our network. The most recent job postings are here: 

IPBN member Craftable Software is hiring! If you are eligible for IEFP internship, check this opportunity and join the team.

IPBN member Rachael Milne from Aspira IT is currently seeking Ms Dynamics 365 functional and technical people, so she was interested to read Ian Jones' article citing key steps to helping a client with strategy and development for their BizApps projects.

And please SAVE THE DATE. May 24 in Lisbon for an IPBN event with PwC Portugal, Microsoft Portugal and Aspira IT. Details to be announced soon on our website!

and now...

IPBN member Aspire Technology asked, "Who is responsible end to end for operation performance across the system?" Listen to their CTO Declan Friel sharing his thoughts on this big question when it comes to Open RAN.

IPBN member Vilamoura World's Village Market returns this month to Vilamoura, in a special edition of Easter. Visit the market and find a varied offer of regional and national products from April 15-16, between 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Tivoli Square, Vilamoura. 

IPBN member Vale do Lobo says that for the first time in the Algarve, the Fashion & lifestyle event organized with The Spot Market will take place during Easter at Vale do Lobo Auditorium. Join them to celebrate Spring, hear about the latest trends, and view products from national, sustainable, high-end brands. For more information, click here.

IPBN member Carole Smith says Google My Business is Being Replaced! Worried...not sure what to do? If you have received a notification or email telling you "Google My Business in Being Replaced" and you're unsure what to do, she has outlined both the background and steps that you need to take in this attached article.

IPBN member VMotion IT Solutions says that retaining good employees has become more competitive than ever. Check out these tips to create a work culture that makes employees want to stay!

IPBN member Bigbelly from Future Street posted about the fantastic few days with our Bigbelly international distributors in Dublin this week. They are privileged to have such an amazing bunch of passionate, smart, and dedicated partners in the Bigbelly family.

IPBN member Bernardo Maciel from Yunit Consulting asks you to check out the webinar: "How to invest in a knowledgeable way and with Tax Benefits?", with the participation of Yunit Consulting and learn how to step up support for productive investment projects or how to turn R&D activity into a competitive advantage for your business.

We also recommend you read here the article we published and shared recently with the expertise and participation of some of our members about Funding and Investment Opportunities for SMEs.

IPBN member Allan Boyle at Saltwater Consulting shared some precious advice. "They demonstrated all the right skills in the interview, but they're still not firing on all cylinders". Sure, skills are key, but they are also easy to test for. Core values require more work to ensure a candidate is a good fit for the company.

IPBN member is delighted to announce Surrey Down as the latest retail partner to join Surrey Down's Die Zudecke Goose Feather & Down Range has been Good Homes approved, commended for its status as luxury bedding on a budget.

IPBN member Pink Room says, "That’s a wrap! Thank you to everyone that joined us at Shift APPens this weekend. We hope you had the chance to meet us, Finiam, and Subvisual. Thank you so much to Núcleo de Estudantes de Informática da Associação Académica de Coimbra and jeKnowledge for putting this together."

IPBN member Shirley Gleeson is delighted to now be a training provider accredited through CPD Standards Office, UK, a world leading CPD accreditation body that is trusted by Industry, Institutions and professionals globally.

IPBN member Vitae Professionals would like to thank, once again, the FNAEE - National Federation of Nursing Student Associations for the fantastic opportunity to be at the National Forum of Nursing Students last Saturday!

IPBN member Otonomee wants you to learn how Otonomee puts end-users at the center of IT Planning, achieving an immediate financial ROI and reducing end-user spending by 8%.

IPBN member Richard Hickson announced an exciting upcoming GAA Game: 7's Tournament Algarve, April 23rd Loulé in Algarve, Portugal. Arrange to join in the good fun!

IPBN member Serenity Portugal wants you to discover Serenity's new website: Your Medical Concierge in Portugal. Helping Local Internationals navigate the Portuguese Health care system. Addressing Clients with National Healthcare and Private Health care needs and welcome to Teresa Dickson, new Serenity manager based in the Algarve.

IPBN member Miguel Antunes from RedLight and Nest Collective says Shift APPens is over and he is deeply missing it already. This was such a blast! Had a whole lot of fun and a proud sponsor since the first edition!

IPBN member BridgeIn posted that in 2021, Portuguese inventors submitted 286 patent applications to the European Patent Office. Official sources of the EPO place Portugal as the “strongest country in Europe”

IPBN member Philippe Brodeur from Overcast says that "Virtual Production will enter the mainstream." The second 2022 DPP Prediction caught our eye here at Overcast. "It can be a more cost-effective way of doing some of the bigger scale productions."

And here's an important reminder of the IPBN Master Class with Philippe in June! See details here where you can register.

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