Post Covid-19 recovery

We share here a series of articles from international media and a report about the post Covid-19 recovery and why Portugal is in a better shape than many other countries.

Real Estate – “International investors are still very interested in Portugal”, according to the Covid-19 Portugal Market Update, by Cushman & Wakefield. 

Tourism – Tourism bosses expect hotels along the coast and inland to potentially open in July. 

Economy – Portugal track record as a safe haven to help attract foreign investors & tourists to spur a “sharp” V shape recovery. 

AICEP Portugal Global - Portugal attracts overseas investment despite Covid-19

This is a good opportunity to remember Why doing business in Portugal makes perfect sense. Click here for the latest AICEP Portugal Global video, which was shown for the first time at the IPBN conference in Dublin last February. "Doing Business, Living and Working in Portugal"

OECDPortugal, with Ireland and the UK, is the country with the most “Innovative” Projects to Combat COVID-19 and Innovation is key for a Post Covid-19 economic recovery.

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