Meet Panel 4 of the Dublin Innovation Conference

A Panoramic Approach to Sustainability and Entrepreneurship

The IPBN is excited to spotlight Portugal's dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem and invites you to discover the country's innovative spirit. We are thrilled to announce our upcoming conference in Dublin, set for Thursday, June 20, from 9h to 13h at the Guinness Enterprise Centre (GEC).

This event offers a thorough introduction to conducting business in Portugal, making it an invaluable resource for those beginning their journey in the country's vibrant entrepreneurial landscape. Attendees will receive insider insights, crucial information, and key connections while networking with established Irish companies in Portugal, along with IPBN members and Executive Partners. The conference will underscore the dynamism and diversity of Portugal’s entrepreneurial scene.

We are honored to open the conference with welcome addresses from Geoffrey Graham, Chair of the IPBN Board, and Niamh Collins, Director of the GEC, our event host.

Attendees can look forward to engaging panel discussions and expert conversations, providing valuable insights into Portugal’s innovation landscape and the abundant business opportunities available.

The fourth panel discussion, entitled "A Panoramic Approach to Sustainability and Entrepreneurship: Solving Real Problems for Humanity," is set to discuss the synergies and opportunities in this topic between the two countries with keynote speakers Miguel Reynolds Brandão, Founder & CEO of IPBN member company CorkBrick EuropeLiliana Domingues, Founder, CEO, and  Senior Consultant at IPBN member company AMARNA VidaMichael O’Hara, Co-Founder of IPBN member company Techies Go GreenSam Marchetti, Founder of IPBN member company ConsortiaCo will moderate the discussion.

 Miguel Reynolds Brandão has been an entrepreneur since 1987 and is the founder of several companies and NGOs. He is an experienced business strategist, negotiator, business broker, and business mentor. Since 1994, Miguel has been the strategic management advisor for several institutions in Portugal, Brazil, and USA and has also authored books and articles on strategic management systems, entrepreneurship, business brokering, and teleworking. The last book, published in May 2015, is "The Sustainable Organisation - a paradigm for a fairer society" among others. As an international speaker in several areas such as sustainability; entrepreneurship; strategic management; venture capital; business brokerage; business citizenship; e-work, and sustainable integration of disabled people, Miguel is also an International Business Broker, focusing on SMEs.

Liliana Domingues has been working in the sustainability sector for over 23 years, supporting organizations of all sizes, from startups to large corporations. Over these years, she has seen how integrating strategic systemic thinking into an organization’s DNA can create more efficiency, profitability, and engagement throughout its culture. By having in-depth knowledge of several industry sectors, Liliana utilizes her deep systemic strategic thinking to provide practical insights and tools that guide business leaders and their organizations to thrive in very complex times. Her areas of expertise are Sustainability Consulting, Regenerative Business Practices, and Conscious Leadership.

Michael O’Hara has over 30 years of experience in brand building and business development in the IT industry. He is results-focused with a deep knowledge of the channel and a track record of producing strong year-on-year growth even in tough economic climates. Being an FCCA for over 30 years and running a 30-man company for the same length of time, he has learned what is required to sustain, develop, and grow a sturdy, reliable business in this modern era. He has a deep conviction that if you specialize and become an expert in the technologies you sell, everything else falls into place. Michael is passionate about building a world-class sales and marketing company that understands the challenges vendors and resellers face in the fast-changing IT market of today and ensuring that as a company he provides customers with the best service in the industry.

Moderator Sam Marchetti is a Business Innovation Specialist with a focus on designing multi-layer models for sustainable growth. He has a keen interest in Emotional Intelligence and Wellbeing as a core driver to professional development. Sam works across the national and European Enterprise Ecosystem developing sustainable models across communities, SMEs and Public Sector with a focus on European Union Green, Just and Digital Transition.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to explore and connect! Registration for the event is open here with further details about the conference and timetables for each panel. We very much look forward to seeing you all in Dublin! The conference is open to IPBN members and non-members and is free of charge. You can hear her most recent IPBN Masterclass podcast here.

For any questions or further information, don't hesitate to get in touch with Arnold Delville, IPBN General Manager, at


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