Dublin Networking is Vast and Deep

Looking forward to the upcoming IPBN Members' Dublin Conference Event on June 20 at Musicmaker in central Dublin, the IPBN is excited to build connections within our network while simultaneously opening the doors to several local networks that are all keen to expand their reach. For our members, this means that the depth and breadth of the connections that could potentially be fostered are significantly deeper and wider, which is a very exciting prospect not only for individuals and businesses but also for the network itself. 

Aside from IPBN partner Enterprise Ireland, the network is also anticipating the presence of members from the Dublin Chamber, who will be interspersed with our membership to hear from the panel of guest speakers who will be discussing "Doing Business, Hiring and Living in Portugal" from 4:30 until 6pm. We look forward to getting updates from these two prestigious groups as the networking session following the presentations begins.

But that's not all. Members from five top Dublin-based business networks will also take part in the event. They are as follows:

Venture Business Network is Ireland’s Business 2 Business Network led by Shay Cahill, a leading expert in the art and science of professional business networking. Venture is primarily focused on supporting and creating opportunities for companies whose primary market is the Irish SME business sector. According to the network's website description, "Venture is the place where he has crafted, developed, and refined the best way in which to accelerate the growth of mutually beneficial professional relationships: accelerating opportunities to build trust, connections, and better business results."

The Central Park Business Community is Dublin's Premium Business Park that is comprised of big brands like Bank of America, Sage, Salesforce, Vodafone and many other high-profile names. The park itself offers apartments, offices, and amenities in the midst of striking architectural statements and world-class working environments with a genuine focus on community spirit. Representatives from the community will be joining us at Musicmaker.

Ireland Together is a fast-growing community of entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders who, according to their website, are focused on "connecting, collaborating, supporting each other in business and innovating towards a stronger ecosystem and a better future. What makes us effective is the power of a diverse collective." The network was founded during lockdown in April 2020 to create a safe space for business owners to connect and grow together. Their current community consists of over 1,500 business minds, rooted in generosity and what they refer to as a "pay it forward" mindset. The network is now established as a private non-profit entity that continues to support SMEs across the country and internationally. 

Network Ireland is a progressive, dynamic non-profit organization that has been supporting the professional and personal development of women in business since 1983. The organization is comprised of over 1,000 members in over fourteen dynamic branches and is described as a "progressive and dynamic organization that supports the professional and personal development of women." As a voluntary organization, all committee members, nationally and at the branch level, give their time freely to coordinate and manage events, speakers, and our flagship national events. According to their website, "Our membership is made up of a diverse group of women, from budding entrepreneurs, SME owners, professionals and leaders in indigenous and multinational organizations to non-profits, charities, arts, and the public sector. We have a strong voice and are interested in promoting diversity and equality, entrepreneurship and leadership development; collaborating with like-minded people and organizations."

Lastly, the Professional Women's Network (PWN) Dublin is a dynamic fast-growing networking and leadership development platform for professional women of all sectors and industries. Their common objective is to provide women with the tools, networks, and support they need to support their career progression aspirations. PWN offers a one-stop platform to connect with like-minded professionals from across the world; to develop your skills and competencies, and to share your experience and knowledge. Through their membership, you can access a ready-built global professional network that will help you achieve your career aspirations, allowing you to learn from diverse sources (local and global events, mentoring, forums, webinars and dynamic content) how you can advance your career and make a difference to gender balance globally.

If you have not already done so, you can register here to join the IPBN and our network guests in Dublin! We look forward to seeing you and watching you grow.

Executive Partners