Luís Filipe Martinho, Managing Partner

YouX is a software development company focused on providing the best user experiences. Services: UX/UI, Interaction Design, UX/UI audit,  Design Thinking, Prototyping, AR (Augmented Reality), Web and Mobile development.

Do you still believe that code ranks 1st in the application development process?

According to multiple international studies, most software development projects fail to meet their goals, exceed the budget or are abandoned. Be user-centric: Don't waste your resources, especially the most important one, the attention of your users. Proceed to the code phase with all the guarantees. We are ready to help your company on every phases of your digital products, since the ideation, or on further iteraction phases, doing an UX audit.

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UX/UI, UX auditory, Interaction Design, Prototyping, UX/UI audit, AR (Augmented Reality), Web and Mobile development.

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