• Start: 27th May 2021
    End: 27th May 2021
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New VAT rules for e-Commerce

Start Date: 10:00am, 27th May 2021

End Date: 11:00am, 27th May 2021

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To bolster the necessity to shop locally, the EU has decided to take action while seeking to limit competition and minimize possible fraud and tax evasion situations. As of July 1, any goods or remittances being shipped from outside the EU will now face taxes of 23% regardless of their value. But what implications will this have for you and your business? What hurdles will Ireland and Portugal face moving forward?

In light of these new rules, the Chair of the IPBN Board Aoife Healy is teaming up with Pedro Teixeira, IPBN Board Member and Senior Partner at Taxlibris, Lda. to get more information on what this will mean for our online shopping habits, our business strategies, and our wallets.

Join us Thursday May 27 at 1000 via Zoom to hear all the particulars and to find out how you can navigate these new waters both personally and professionally.

The recent explosion in online shopping due to lockdown measures among other more practical time constraints has seen a spike in revenue for overseas suppliers on sites like Amazon and eBay, which has meant a loss in tax revenues for many EU countries.


Registration is free and open to all. The Zoom link will be sent the day before the event.

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