• Start: 25th October 2022
    End: 25th October 2022
  • Start: 10:00am
    End: 11:30am
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Conversation with Professor Pedro A. Vieira

Start Date:

10:00am, 25th October 2022

End Date:

11:30am, 25th October 2022


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As part of the IPBN conversations with a leader series, the IPBN Porto Committee was delighted to invite members Tuesday, Oct 25 from 10h to 11h for a conversation online via ZOOM with Porto Business School's Pedro A. Vieira, Professor and Director of the Internationalization Programs. The conversation was moderated by IPBN Porto Committee member Pedro Castro Henriques, CEO of Strongstep.

Professor Pedro A. Vieira shared his views on how the current global context is significantly impacting international trade and business, the position of Porto as a growing international business and industrial hub as well as the relation of the school with the local businesses.

According to Professor Vieira in a recent article on planning to approach international markets, "Many companies, from large to small and medium-sized, are making decisions [on hiring] international market managers, trying to expand the number of countries to which their exports are destined...and evaluating entry modes taking advantage of marketplaces, other eCommerce and technology platforms at their disposal for mapping and attracting customers. In startups, the same movement is being witnessed, justified by the need to expand businesses to attract investors, but also to diversify risk and search for resources (people and technology)." 

You will find here the recording of the conversation on the IPBN YouTube channel. 

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