Members meet Members

You can enjoy the two recent "Members meet Members" networking events , which were held via ZOOM due to the Covid-19 pandemic and its continuous restrictions for meeting in groups.

Thank you to everybody who attended, participated and contributed to very interesting discussions around new ideas and business opportunities and particularly to the members who presented their business, each in a short "pitch".

These members were by alphabetical order:

June 23

Blueshift – Sara Rebelo
Grid Finance – Vinny Reynolds
Salmon Software – John Byrne – Deirdre Mc Gettrick
VMotions IT Solutions - Indresh S Yadav

May 14

40+ Lab - Aging 2.0
Algarve Senior Living
Konzept Algarve
Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions
Partner Eye
Recycls AS

You can find each member details on the IPBN Members Directory online

You can enjoy all the Members meet Members events on the IPBN YouTube channel by clicking here and once you are there don't forget to subscribe to the channel.